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14 Tested Advertising Tips for Promoting Your Business

It is a very tough marketplace out there and certainly it’s only going to get tougher. The thing that your company needs at these highly competitive times is an image to set it apart from everyone else. It is a good thing to have good copy and good design, but knowing what to do with it is the key to a successful marketing and promotion campaign. Below are 14 tested and proven advertising tips for promoting your business.

You need to have a regular image from business card and flyer printing to your web presence; your customers need to know that you’re the company to turn to for their needs. To make sure you’re making the most of your company’s potential, here’s essential tips for promoting your business:

One of the ‘secrets’ to achieving online business success is to use the right promotional tactics and strategies. As long as you do this, you increase your chances of success dramatically. Shooting in the dark is one surefire way to fail.It is very vital to know when should you begin to promote your business on the internet

Below are 14 tested tips to take your business to the next level:

1. Write Compelling Ad Copy

Get some copywriting chops or hire/outsource a copywriter to do your ad copy. Converting visitors into sales is just as important as getting traffic itself. You have to learn from master copywriters like John Carlton Joe Sugarman.

2. Go To Where Your Customers Are

If your customers are participating in forums, you should be too; and in case your targeted customers are searching for products in your niche on Google, you should be trying to get into the search engines through pay per click advertising or search engine optimization.

3. Have an ethical philosophy

Whenever you are creating your business plan (which includes marketing and business promotion), one of the first things you need to do is create a company philosophy. More often than not, consumers are taking notice of their responsibilities when buying and will want to know your company’s stance on issues they care about. “Don’t be evil” which has been Google’s informal corporate slogan has seen it rise to almost becoming synonymous with the Internet. Mapping out a basic philosophy that can dictate where your company heads will inform your marketing strategy, making you a more approachable, personable company than your competitors.

4. Advertise for your size

If you’re starting out a new business you’re going to need to start turning profits as soon as possible. Larger companies can afford to fish for customers and wait for them to bite, but a smaller business will need to offer something special such as an opening day discount, incentives or immediate rewards system.

5. Cheap or premium?

Pointing your advertising at the right people is important, and giving them a cheaper version of the product than your competitors currently are is an easy way to target those budget-conscious consumers out there. Alternatively, you can offer premium products. Every customer will be more than happy to pay more for something than they usually would if the promise of quality is there.

6. Use unconventional marketing strategies

Another way to promote your business is engaging unconventional marketing strategy, this is because customers will always overlook something if they’ve seen it all before. Look for an attractive way of getting your message across by grabbing their attention, such as mail-out postcards or novelty ad placements. The most effective of this method is guerrilla advertising: using complex or underground methods of gaining attention for your business.

7. Use your words wisely

Simple, unadorned advertising is often the most effective. Ideally, you need to get over your company philosophy, product and location with a glance from the consumer.

8. Share costs

If you are a small business owner, you may want to consider joining forces with another small business. Joint advertising campaigns are an effective way of pushing the products of two complementary businesses. They are cheaper for each business, and will surely generate more views of the advertising and will cross pollinate clients between them.

9. Loyalty

When you take advantage of your existing customers, it is a failure-proof way to keep them coming back and generating word of mouth. Think about for instance, the effectiveness of coffee and bookshop loyalty cards, points systems and special discount days for VIP customers and how these ideas can be applied to your business.

10. Spend Most Of Your Time Marketing

Marketing is the most important activity in your business, followed by product creation. If you are not consistently marketing your business and getting traffic, you will not be able to make a solid income.

11. Create A Central Site

If you have a suite of products, create a central site promoting all the products. In other words, create a ‘center’ site for your business, where your customers can view all of your products.

12. Interact With Your Customers

Interaction with your customers by creating a blog and inviting them to comment on your posts is a profitable measure. Participate in forums where your target market is and establish a reputation as an expert.

13. Get Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing strategies of all time. If your customers like your products or services, give them an avenue to let others know by simply telling them to forward your email newsletter to their friends and families if they like it. You can even ask your customers to participate in your affiliate program.

14. Create Your Own Affiliate Program

An affiliate program allows others to sign up and promote your products so they can earn a commission. The benefits: you reward others for marketing your products. You get more traffic.

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