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5 Ways to modernize your data visualization

When it comes to data visualizations, you want crisp graphics that intuitively display information. That is because data visualization is for everything, from reporting to analyzing trends to making critical business decisions. That said, the average data visualization is not exactly cutting-edge technology. Most examples are static images printed out and archived just as quickly as shared online.

To keep up with the rapid pace of change in today’s digital world, your organization needs a program that will allow you to integrate new and emerging technologies into your data visualizations at a moment’s notice.

If you ready to upgrade your outdated data visualizations, below are best 5 ways to modernize your company’s strategy:

1. Change Your Data Visualization Strategy

Data visualization is a critical component of any successful data-driven marketing campaign. Whether using it to visualize your marketing campaigns or the impact of your product on your customers, data visualization is an essential tool for ensuring that you get the most out of your data. As a result, look for tools that are utilized for data visualization services.

A business can utilize an interactive visualization tool used to visualize and explore a wide range of different types of data. The primary purpose of such tools is to help users better understand the large amounts of data they might access. For example, they can visualize information about sales performance, employee productivity, or other important metrics. In addition, some tools can also create reports and presentations.

One of the most common ways to use it is to visualize numerical data. For example, you can use it to plot a graph showing the number of employees hired in a certain period. A viable strategy can also enable you to create maps and charts showing geographical information such as population density or land use patterns. You can also use it to visualize images like photographs or video clips.

2. Replace Excel with Data Warehouse

Another significant difference between the old and modern data visualization strategies is that the latter uses a data warehouse. For example, if you store your company’s data in an excel sheet, it will be very time-consuming to generate a new visualization based on that data. On top of that, if multiple people update the sheet, it can be nearly impossible to keep track of who changed what and when.

However, if you store your company’s data in a data warehouse, you can generate a visualization based on that data in a matter of seconds. Additionally, if everyone has access to the data warehouse, it will be much easier to track down the necessary information.

3. Incorporate Real-time Analytics

Another feature of modern data visualizations missing from the old strategy is real-time analytics. It is a way organizations modernize their data visualization tools and make them more relevant to today’s business environment.

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Real-time analytics uses advanced algorithms to provide real-time insights into the patterns and trends across your organization’s data. It is essential for streamlining operations, improving customer experience, and reducing costs. In addition, companies can use it to make better decisions, measure performance, and predict customer behavior.

4. Add Video Capability

Another way to modernize your data visualization is by adding video capability. While you might not be able to add moving images to your reports, you can still incorporate a video into your visualizations. For example, you could create a video clip that explains how a particular process works.

With that capability, you can create visualizations that are more than just a bunch of numbers in a spreadsheet. You can present the information in a more engaging and informative way. That way, your client will not just be looking at a report. They will be watching how their data impacts your organization’s future.

5. Add Animations and Visual Movement

The last way to modernize your data visualization is by adding animations and visual movement. That means, if one of your visualizations has a pie chart showing that one of your departments is generating the most sales, you could rotate that particular piece of the pie chart to make it a spin.

That way, your employees can see which visualization pieces are most relevant. That will make taking the necessary actions based on that information simpler. Additionally, it will make the visualizations more engaging and helpful.


Overall, if you want your visualization of data to be up to date, you will need to modernize your strategy. That means moving away from an Excel-based approach, moving toward a data warehouse, incorporating real-time analytics, adding video capability, and adding animations and visual movement. With these changes, you can generate highly engaging visualizations that will help your organization make better business decisions. However, it is essential to research prior to buying any tool for your business. Don’t miss reading definition of data visualization, examples, and learning resources.

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