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Become successful in life by giving-up these 6 things

Life is about lessons and need for successful people who aspire to learn all these lessons to achieve their goals. Because of the lack of time and space, most people find it difficult to read inspirational books and journals written by philosophers. I am sharing how to become successful in life by giving-up these 6 things

Some of these philosophers take their inspiration from people who are able to gain fame and wealth in life and teach them to others. Also find time to read tested and proven tips to help you diversify your portfolio

Well for someone to become a successful man or woman, there are certain things you need to sacrifice, because most people don’t have time to read most of the journal and inspirational books, I will take it to your door step.

These are some of the things you have to sacrifice to be successful in life according to personal research and knowledge.

1. Procrastination

There has never been a marked time as the right time; this is why you don’t have to delay something important to you for the future. The delay has always been a fallen by many people.

This applies to students and entrepreneurs / women. For a student, every time you have the need to read for the coming exam, don’t always have a mindset that the exam is still far away and you have all the time in the world to read.

This is not true. Time moves faster than you think and even moves faster when you have the important thing you are looking for.

For entrepreneurs or women when you want to enjoy business ideas don’t wait for the right time because no time is the right time. Business ideas are intended to be used as soon as you get an idea.

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2. Hatred for books

Even though there are many successful people without education, education still remains a bed for success. Without education, there are more obstacles that you will pass to achieve your dreams.

With education it is possible that there will be lower obstacles that will prevent you.

3. Desire for many women

Women are bad habits that have become a fall of many men. Having a desire for different women can not only cause financial damage but also cause you to lose focus in your dreams and aspirations.

4. Desire to live a fake life

Wherever you are, don’t live life to please them or support them. It has never been a way to be successful because it will make you work harder to please their needs than doing your dreams and aspirations.

5. Desire to follow the trend

There is no body that has followed the trend and achieves his dream. Trying to mark what is done the public will make you have the wrong mindset about life.

Find your own trend and create it is one way to be successful.

For example, see Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) found trends and people followed him and Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) found trends and people followed him too.

It is important that you build trends and your own people will tend to support it instead of following everyone’s trends.

6. Reckless expenses

When you start achieving success, don’t go after the things you want like a luxury car, jewellery, the latest cell phone just to look rich and famous.

As much as you have to look ok (fashionable), don’t go after the things that will drain your money, somewhat reducing your costs and investing in your business to get more money.

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