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Best social media marketing campaign tips and tricks

If you plan to include social media in your marketing plans, you will need a media strategy. Don’t just update your blog or post something on your Twitter or Facebook account without a detailed plan that is based on specific internet marketing goals. Herein I will be sharing with you highly effective social media marketing campaign tips.

Before you create a strategy, it is important to identify your goals and what you want to accomplish out of using all forms of media. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Are you looking to build authority? Do you have new information that you want to share with your audience? Perhaps you want to learn more about your target market so you can improve customer service. Establishing your marketing goals clearly before crafting out a marketing strategy is the best way to promote your business on social media profitably

We are now in a time when social media plays a dominant role in shaping company’s’ brand image and influencing customer perception, every company is trying to work out a magic mantra that would assure them of success. We need to improve upon the age old marketing strategies, reviewed and revamped it. The truth is that the basics still remain the same but a few of them require fundamental rethinking.

A few years ago, Malcolm Gladwell in his epic masterpiece, “The Tipping Point” had unearthed the ingredients for creating successful ideas. He identified three traits as a must-have for any idea to soar high – The Power of Context, The Law of the Few and Stickiness Factor. Marketers over the last few years had tried to shape their strategy on these factors and had tasted success in quite a few endeavors. Now can the same tactics be deployed in case of Social Media Marketing? In order to find a solution to the query, let us first find out how relevant the concepts are to social media marketing.

Below are best social media marketing campaign tips and tricks:

1. It must not be Spammy

This is a confirmed way to make your campaign fall flat on its face. The social graph is a social tool and not a marketing tool. So to market on social sites effectively you have to write with caution and be aware of your words not sounding like spam.

Never slam people with unsolicited links. In fact, you should never make mention of your company and products unless the prospect asks you first. You will discover that many times social media marketers will beat people over the head with their opportunity just because it’s the new, hot thing being promoted online. This can actually damage your reputation because it is not effective.

2. Provide value

When selling, we should all be aware that good business is simply the exchange of value between two parties. Your social campaign needs to provide a level of value to attract attention.

3. It must spread like wildfire

A great social campaign is the one that is very compelling to the point that its readers will want their friends/followers/connections etc to know about it, then those friends should want their friend to know about it etc. spend time to research the most successful viral campaigns for the purpose of seeing what they did to achieve their success, then model it.

4. Get Engaged

People are too smart and savvy to fall for the one conversion pitch. Be friendly and open to others when carrying on a conversation, and keep the door open to future correspondence. Don’t think you have to close someone the very first time you talk to them. More often than not you’ll just ruin your chances of ever getting them to look at your opportunity in the future, even if they may have been interested.

5. Control the conversation

People are always happy to share information with others when they get the feeling someone really cares about what they have to say. You don’t need to keep on talking to control the direction of the conversation, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Ask questions… I guarantee that when people stop talking about themselves, they’ll feel comfortable enough to ask you about your business and life simply because you took the time to show genuine interest in them.

6. Be in qualifying mode

The best part of asking questions is to get a feel about someone. It is actually not everyone you talk to you will want to work with. When you are doing your social media marketing, look for qualities, traits and characteristics that make you feel good about working with someone. What makes social networking so amazing is the fact that you can take a look at the friends a potential prospect has, how they converse online with other people, and what they post.

There are times when I intentionally will not mention my business because the person I was talking to was not the type of person I wanted to work with. That’s what makes building your own business so appealing – you choose who you want to work with.

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7. Brand It

It is essential to clothe your campaign in your branding and identity such as slogans, taglines, your unique selling points company color scheme, links anything that defines your business.

8. It must be well maintained

Make sure prospects know there are human beings behind the campaign who will respond to tweets, reply to messages and updates and generally give the campaign a little personality.

9. Build trust

If people can see that there are genuine people there responding and interacting positively, it gives your campaign more gravitas. This is what is great about social network marketing. Giving good service and interacting with your audience acts as an advertisement for you. People can actually witness the dialogue of you giving a good service.

10. Stand out

I know this is more difficult than it sounds but you have to do something different to get noticed in the sheer ocean of campaigns out there.

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