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8 of the Best Travel Jobs in 2022

Hello guys, welcome to Efogator.com, let’s go straight into the topic of discussion today which is sharing with you top 8 best travel jobs in 2022, most of these are well paying jobs you won’t want to miss. Thanks to the great variety of jobs in the market and to technological progress, it is possible for someone to travel and work at the same time. Of course, not all jobs offer so much freedom.

Before getting too excited, I should point out that travelling for work does not offer the same feeling as travelling for pleasure. You will still need to spend hours of your day in completing challenging tasks and when you are off you might be exhausted.

However, visiting new places and collaborating with people from all around the world are elements of a rewarding type of jobs. If these sounds like something you would like to do, you should consider working as one of the eight professions you will find below.

1. Travel Blogger

Either you work for your personal blog or you are employed by another business to write a travel column or to host a travel show on TV or on the internet, exploring a place and raving about its beauty while keeping the tour interesting are two major responsibilities of the blogger.

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2. Content Creator

If you have a camera, a microphone, a computer and internet connection, you can work as a content creator, also known as an influencer, everywhere in the world. As long as you keep sharing videos and photos about your entertainment niche with your followers regularly, you have the freedom to travel whenever and whenever you like.

3. Travel Photographer or Videographer

Photographers and videographers usually have clients in their own area. However, if you want to specialize in taking pictures or videos of landscapes all around the world, you can collaborate with a travel blogger so that you can roam around Earth together. You just have to make sure that you get a lot of shots of every place you visit and store them in a safe place because you probably won’t be able to return to the same place the next day. Find essential home recording studio equipment for any budget.

4. Actors

A job that allows you to travel, but you don’t have to record and aupublicize your trip is acting. Big productions sometimes require scenes, episodes or the whole project to be shot at different places of the country or of the world. The same pretty much applies for voice actors. If you have an account at a site like Voquent.com, casting agents from projects that are produced all around the world can discover you and offer you the job.

5. Models

Similarly to actors, models travel a lot either for fashion shows or for photo shoots. They might not have enough time to explore the city they’re in, but at least they get to meet and work with locals.

6. Flight attendants

If you like airplanes, you should consider applying for a flight attendant position. Your work schedule might not be the typical 9-5, but you will get to travel a lot either around your own country or abroad.

7. Cruise attendant

An even better job for travel lovers is working as a cruise attendant. When you finish your shift serving the passengers, you get to have fun at the cruise and even enjoy some of the shore excursion activities that might be offered when passengers have some time to get off the ship and explore the land.

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8. International Truck Driver

Although driving a truck from one country to another is a difficult job as you have to drive for many hours, drivers get to visit a lot of countries, and they even get to know the ones that they are sent to more frequently well. Many international shipping and transport businesses are in need of drivers, so maybe you should consider getting a trunk license.

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