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Corporate Event Companies Provide 3 Tips for Post-COVID Corporate Events

Ask a Corporate Event Company: 3 Tips for Throwing Corporate Events Post Covid

The pandemic has changed the way we behave in our daily lives, and many of these changes are likely to remain permanent. Large gatherings were radically altered, affecting everything from festivals and concerts to corporate events. Corporate event companies have been forced to completely reshape how they do business: we have a few tips for planning and executing corporate events as we navigate the post-COVID era.

Below are 3 Tips by Corporate Event Companies:

1. Plan More Hybrid Events

Hybrid corporate events are those that are attended by both physical and virtual guests. The pandemic forced many people to work out of their homes, and as a result, they have become far more discerning when given the option. This extends to corporate events, so it makes a lot of sense to work with this trend rather than try to fight it.

First, choose a venue that is not only functional and exciting for those who will attend in person but has the required infrastructure to accommodate virtual attendees as well. Among the items on this checklist are a stable high-speed internet connection and adequate space for the streaming equipment you will be using. Also confirm that you’ll have sufficient access to electrical outlets, extension cords, and anything you need to meet technical requirements.

2. Make Your Event Unmissable

If physical attendance is important to the success of your event, it’s now more important than ever to give people a reason to show up. Whether it’s due to health precautions or the simple fact that we’ve grown accustomed to doing almost everything virtually, it’s difficult to convince people that they need to leave their homes. When planning your event, try to incorporate enticing content that just wouldn’t feel the same if you weren’t there in person.

Think about providing valuable curated networking opportunities that are only available to in-person attendees. An example of this is matching up smaller, hand-picked groups of people with shared interests or company roles to help accelerate professional relationships. Networking has always been one of the key features of these events, and we can expect that to continue with corporate events post COVID.

3. Continued Emphasis on Health and Safety

During the pandemic, many of us got in the habit of practicing certain personal hygiene habits in compliance with health and safety protocols. Even as these protocols are phased out, it’s reasonable to assume that some will be more comfortable in environments that emphasize higher standards for public health and safety. It’s therefore a good idea to maintain certain health standards, whether or not they are still required by law.

This means including things like hand sanitizing stations, facial recognition technology, and mobile event apps that allow virtual check-in without the need for human contact. You can also utilize registration policies that require proof of a negative COVID test for admission.

These are just a few tips for pulling off successful corporate events in the post-COVID era. Events may have a slightly different look and feel, but a few simple adjustments will ensure that they can still deliver tremendous value for attendees.

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