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11 Adsense Mistakes You Must Avoid to Maximize Earnings

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You decided to start a blog, invested time and effort into the creation of bright and inspiring content and now it is high time to add some money to the project through Google AdSense. Well, you know, going by this plan would seem like a great idea, don’t you agree? In this article, we shall examine the top 11 AdSense mistakes new bloggers must avoid to maximize earnings.

Nevertheless, do you wish to achieve this by launching yourself head first into the realm of online ads? Now let us discuss something important – failures. More specifically, the common errors made by numerous beginner bloggers that relate to AdSense policies. Such mistakes can lead you to lose time, money, and even your Adsense account.

But don’t worry! Lucky for you by the end of this article you will have enough knowledge of what to avoid in order to never get yourself into this situation again but also how to properly position yourself for a win.

Why AdSense Mistakes Matter

To keep continuously increase Adsense revenue, you must avoid every mistakes. Imagine this: You have accomplish setting up your AdSense account, and now you’re waiting for that first dollar to show up. But instead of observing an increased level of revenue and becoming a valued customer, you receive a message that your account is banned or your earnings are significantly decreased.

Frustrating, right? The truth is that many new bloggers who began with AdSense make the same mistakes unknowingly at the initial stages on their blogging journey.

By being fully aware of such pitfalls, you are better placed; placed in a position whereby you avoid those pitfalls and maximize any monetization strategy that is deployed.

1. Violating AdSense Policies

First on our list of top 10 AdSense mistakes new bloggers must avoid to maximize earnings is Adsense policy violation. Trust me, it is a major mistake one makes when creating an AdSense account is failure to with the policy set by Google.

Google has certain policies whereby it controls what kind of content can be monetized, and how the advertisements can be placed. It is important not to violate any of the rules outlined above as it would result into the suspension or even account termination with AdSense.

How to Avoid It

Google Adsense always encourages us to read their policies before you even try to join AdSense. Bear in mind that elementary and middle school students require content that does not focus on mature issues or contain adult material, violence or breach copyright laws.

Also, continue to the guidelines within the ads placement so as to abide with the set standards for a proper assessment of the adverts.

As we will discuss further, there are certain distinct policy violations to focus on later but for now, let me just mention that a common error is placing ads where they are not likely to be noticed.

2. Poor Ad Placement

Some locations for ads could be those very difficult to locate or on the other hand extremely intrusive and they spoil the user experience and at the same time the revenue as well. Ads should be placed on the website in a way that they are highly noticeable but should not intrude the visitors’ privacy or experience.

How to Avoid It

Correctly position your ads to be in a position to be clicked: placing them in the mid-content area, in the sidebar, or anywhere on the homepage upper section.

However, do not place it unwelcoming or obtrusive on the webpage by obscuring the content or being excessively invasive with pop-ups. Google provides elements and recommendations on how to select the most suitable places to place an ad.

Considering that we have discussed the ad placement strategy, let’s turn to one of the most unpleasant AdSense errors – click fraud.

3. Click Fraud

Third on our list of top 10 AdSense mistakes new bloggers must avoid to maximize earnings is click fraud. Click fraud often arises when somebody manipulates the ad clicks either by clicking the ads personally or paying others for the services.

This is a very elaborate process and Google has the most sophisticated algorithms for it and if one is caught then it has very severe repercussions and the site gets banned immediately.

How to Avoid It

You should never click on your ads and should also not encourage anyone to do the same. Avoid spamming and other malicious activities on the site and instead, concentrate on increasing real visitors through acceptable means.

It is important that you understand what click fraud is and then make sure that you are aware of the various tactics.

Next, I will follow up with a less apparent misstep that is overlapping with an increasingly popular topic—Mobile Optimization.

4. Neglecting Mobile Optimization

Today, many users access the Internet via the portable devices they have with them at any given time, such as mobile phones. And if you do not have access to mobile now, you are leaving yourself open to potentially losing a large piece of your audience and thus revenue.

How to Avoid It

Make your blog responsive to make it friendly for mobile phone users. Practice responsiveness to ensure your website is whether is good looking or not and how is it going to function in any kind of device.

Google prefers sites with mobile versions and increasing the site’s rank has a direct proportion with the amount of traffic allowed. Also, about the ad format, mobile-friendly ads are generally more effective for increasing response rates.

It is time to continue our exploration to the next essential dimension: the criteria for formats and their effective utilization.

5. Misunderstanding Ad Formats

Number five on our list of top 10 AdSense mistakes new bloggers must avoid to maximize earnings is misunderstanding ad formats. Google AdSense serves different ad formats, but not all will be useful for your blog.

It means that improper usage of the formats can decrease both the rates of presenting the advertisements and the rates of their efficiency.

How to Avoid It

There are many types of ads and it would be useful to go with some and try to find out which will be most effective on the given blog. Some of the most frequent ad formats are the textual ads, the display ads as well as the responsive ones.

Make some changes to your ads by tracking the numbers on AdSense, and learn which formats attract your audience most.

Now let’s move to another sin connected with formats, and it is the lack of testing and, therefore, optimization.

6. Failing to Test and Optimize

It is common to have many bloggers who manage the ads and never take the time to revisit them. While ‘set it and forget it’ is good for follow-on business, it also means that the ad network has more chances to find profit-generating chances for the advertiser.

How to Avoid It

Advertise frequently, check your reports, and try returning your ads in different places, types, and designs. If there is doubt over the content or format then publish something and then test different variants for better viewership on what is more acceptable with the audience.

This means that every now and then, you can tweak them with an aim of enhancing your fiscal returns.

As far as earnings are concerned, another frequently made mistake implies the misunderstanding of the significance of traffic.

7. Ignoring Traffic Quality

Large quantity of traffic is nice, but if such traffic is low quality it will attract the attention of AdSense but will not produce conversions. The poor traffic collection you get will result in low CTR and therefore low earnings and returns of investment.

How to Avoid It

Remember to concentrate on getting traffic that is quality visitors interested in topics posted on your blog. Produce useful information that user’s group will find interesting.

Connect with your readers and the opportunity to create the readership base awaits you. The targeted traffic is more likely to click through the advertisement links, and thereby, generate the required revenues.

8. Neglecting SEO

Another top AdSense mistakes new bloggers must avoid to maximize earnings neglecting SEO. Some of the essential off-site promotion techniques you need in order to blog include SEO-Search Engine Optimization in order to generate organic traffic to your blog.

This is because if you do not optimize your website to rank high on the search engine result pages, fewer people will visit your website, and, in the process, fewer people will view your advertisements and, therefore, fewer people will be clicking on your ads, the less money you’ll be making out of this advertising strategy.

How to Avoid It

Consider the following SEO tips and integrate them in your regular blogging schedule. Make use of the commonly used keywords, provide good content and ensure the Meta tags are correctly developed.

It is also recommended that webmasters use tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor their SEO results and make changes when required.

In the next article, we will see a brief discussion on why Experienced User Interfaces play such a crucial role and how companies lose millions of dollars by failing to consider it.

9. Neglecting User Experience

A displeasing user experience means that people who visit your blog will be immediately turned off and therefore, fewer visitors for your blog and therefore less ad money. Complaints like slow page speed, adverts disrupt or interrupt the content, and poor design layouts significantly discourage the users.

How to Avoid It

Make sure your blog is simple to use and the pages take a minimal time to load. Pop-ups and auto-play videos that appear on the first page of the site may irritate visitors.

Apply clean approach for all designs that are to be used with simple and short response time for better functionality. Just bear in mind, that happiness is a key to the return, happiness implies interaction with the ads.

Last but not least, let me remind you of one more intermediate and highly significant mistake that many new bloggers make: they do not adhere to Google’s policies at all and, more importantly, they do not do it consistently.

10. Failing to Continuously Comply with Policies

Google’s policies are not limited to today or next week; they are a continuous policy of the Google’s company. They are dynamic, and one misses a point then the policy might be violated and lead to suspension of the account.

How to Avoid It

The other thing that you need to do is ensure that your blog is in compliance with Google’s AdSense policy in particular, and this called for you to review this policies frequently.

The best thing you can do is to regularly check for updates and make necessary adjustments to the content you’re disseminating as well to the ad spaces where you place your ads.

To reasonably ensure this, adopt the following measures to prevent your AdSense account from being flagged and the cash flow stopped.

Now let me make a final summary of the major mistakes, but our work here is not done. Allow me to briefly explain how to efficiently control your AdSense account before going through a summary of the article.

11. Monitoring and Maintenance

Another AdSense mistakes new bloggers must avoid to maximize earnings is lack of monitoring and maintenance. This is means that you might lose sight of your account for some time, and then find out some important issue that you need to address, or a missed opportunity to optimize your AdSense and thus improve your earnings.

How to Avoid It

It’s also recommended to log in to AdSense often in order to check for any problems or see how well it is working. Go to the Google alert and set up the mail in such a way that it will be notifying of the important event. While you cannot avoid occasional glitches with the account, make sure you remain proactive as a client and do not experience such betrayals.

Some Common Objections and Concerns

1. “I’m New to This and It’s Overwhelming”

Like most things in life, AdSense can seem quite intimidating at the beginning, but if one is to dissect them into parts, it is easier to understand.

It doesn’t need to be a massive change everything at once; it can be done by focusing on one area at a time such as learning more about the policies, working on the ad placements, etc.

2. “I Don’t Have Enough Traffic”

It is always advisable to have high traffic on a certain website or blog, but quality is the most important factor that should be valued above the number of visitors.

Focus on creating your core audience, a group of consumers that is actively interested in the product. But even at moderate traffic levels, you can make a decent income if your readers consider the information that you post to be helpful and related to them.

3. “I’m Afraid of Getting Banned”

In my opinion, it’s possible at times to be afraid of getting banned but if you operate within the Google AdSense policies and avoid making mistakes that are usually associated with AdSense account then you won’t have anything to worry about.

So, the best thing that a student can do is to stay informed and proactive, which means that he or she should not worry about anything at all.

As with most things Google related, there are many tricks and pitfalls to trying to get into Google AdSense. With this knowledge, readers will be able to maximize AdSense by avoiding the mistakes that have been highlighted above. Keep in mind that information is power, audit is proactive, and it is always possible to improve a blog or ad placement.

As with all online investments, there is potential and as you continue to work hard you can monetize your blog and get a steady source of income. So, stop worrying and implement the tips mentioned in this article to watch your blog along with your earnings ballooning.


With the knowledge shared above, you will be able to avoid any form of Google Adsense mistakes during use, you’ll be right on the track of optimizing Google AdSense.

The key message that one can extract from this article is to remain loyal, continue expanding your overall knowledge, and have fun while transforming your blog into a moneymaking enterprise. Cheers to your success!