High 30+Embedded C Interview Query and Solutions 2024

Embedded C  is the most well-liked language due to its simplicity, effectivity and for its portability from one system to a different.

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Provided that {hardware} assets like CPU and reminiscence sizes are constrained for embedded methods, it’s essential to make use of these assets correctly and ethically. Embedded C sometimes has the suitable abstractions to speak with the {hardware} assets so as to accomplish this.

Whether or not you’re a school scholar looking for an embedded methods internship, a latest graduate in search of an embedded software program job, or a full-time embedded methods engineer making an attempt to alter positions or firms, we might help. To get the place you need, you’ll at all times must undergo a number of technical interviews. So, this text has a compiled listing of embedded c interview questions that helps newbies, intermediate and skilled candidates.

If you’re conversant in embedded ideas, many prime firms supply positions corresponding to embedded developer in C/C++, embedded developer in software program improvement & structure, embedded developer in C/C++, embedded C programmer, embedded firmware developer in C/C++, senior engineer/tech lead in C/C++, amongst many others.

Right here is  the listing of prime 10 embedded c interview questions 

What’s an Embedded System?

It’s an software that accommodates a minimum of one programmable pc, which is often within the type of a microprocessor, microcontroller or digital sign processor chip.

What’s Embedded C Programming? How is Embedded C completely different from C language?

Embedded C is a C language extension that’s used to create purposes for microcontrollers. The I/O {Hardware} Addressing, fixed-point arithmetic operations, accessing deal with areas, and so on. are enhancements within the Embedded C language from the usual C programming language. There are 5 layers of fundamental buildings in an embedded C programme. As follows: 

Remark: To make it simpler for the person to know, this textual content has been transformed into easy, readable code. Feedback are sometimes written in / or /* */. 

Pre-processor directives: The Pre-Processor directives specify which recordsdata the compiler ought to seek for lacking symbols in. 

International Declaration: The part of this system’s code the place world variables are declared. Native Declaration: The part of code that defines native variables. 

Important Operate: Each C programme has a principal perform that controls your entire program’s code. The execution part and the declaration half make up the majority of it. Whereas the execution part specifies the general construction of programme execution, the declaration half is the place all variables are outlined. 

Is the Embedded System computer-based?

The Embedded System is computer-based.

Inform Me Some Actual-Time Functions Of Embedded Processors?

Some real-time purposes are: 

  • Passengers automobiles
  • Dishwashers
  • Cell Telephones
  • Tv
  • Medical gear, and so on.

Inform Me About The Details That You realize About 8051 Structure?

  • It was initially developed by Intel and applied in additional than 400 chips. These are produced by a various vary of firms, together with Philips, Infineon, Atmel and Dallas.

How are Embedded Methods developed?

The low value and simple availability of the 8051 households make it a wonderful platform for growing embedded methods.

How Many Bits That Embedded Software program Help?

It helps 8, 16 or 32-bit embedded processors.

Which Working System Is Used In Embedded Methods?

The working system utilized in an embedded system is a “real-time working system”. The 256 bytes of reminiscence within the 8051 is inadequate to assist any model of WINDOWS, LINUX, or Related desktop working methods.

Point out The Embedded System In Cell Telephone?

It contains each the client handset and the Base station.

Inform Me The Embedded System In Automotive Functions?

  • Braking system
  • Steer-by-wire system
  • Visitors management
  • Cruise management purposes.
  • Airbag launch system
  • Engine administration items.

Inform Me The Home Home equipment Which Embody Embedded System?

  • Dishwashers
  • Storage door controllers
  • Televisions
  • Washing machines
  • Microwave ovens
  • Video recorders and
  • Safety methods And so forth.

Point out The Embedded System In Aerospace Functions?

  • Flight management methods
  • Autopilot
  • A passenger in-flight embedded system
  • Engine controllers

Inform Me The Embedded System Which Contains Medical Gear? 

  • Anaesthesia monitoring methods
  • ECG screens
  • Drug supply methods and 
  • MRI Scanners

Point out the Embedded Methods Which Contains Protection System?

  • Radar methods
  • Fighter plane flight management system
  • Radio methods
  • Missile steerage methods.

Record out The Discrete Elements.

  • Transistors
  • Diodes
  • Resistors
  • Capacitor

  Clarify The Circuit under


The Above Circuit explains about ‘cabinet gentle software’. The Processor used within the above circuit is AtmelAT89C2051.It’s supposed to be used in a cabinet and can be battery-powered. When the sunshine is switched on, particularly whereas urgent the change, it would function for 20 seconds. If the USER doesn’t press the change once more (to show off the sunshine), The ability can be eliminated routinely. It’s a easy circuit and produced utilizing a microcontroller.

Outline Prolonged 8051 Machine.

Prolonged 8051s have extra on-chip services and extra port pins. Within the case of Infineon, the opposite services embrace assist for the ‘Controller Space Community’ (CAN) bus.CAN bus is extensively used within the automotive sector and industrial environments.

What number of Embedded Processors are Wanted To Manufacture a Fashionable Passenger Automobile? 

Round 50 Processors are on board.

Inform Me The Enlargement Of FPGA.

FPGAs: field-programmable gate arrays.

What Is Machine Code?

Computer systems solely settle for directions in “machine code” or ‘’object code’’. It’s the language of the pc RATHER than the Programmer. The interpretation of the code by the programmer is advanced and error-prone. Whether or not in meeting, C, C++, Java, or Ada, all software program should in the end be translated into machine code to be executed by the pc.

Clarify 8051 FEATURES.

Embedded processors like 8051 have restricted processor energy and minimal energy out there. The language used have to be environment friendly. It has an extended lifespan.

Embedded system options on c.

It is vitally environment friendly, fashionable and properly understood. Even desktop builders who’ve used solely Java or C++ can quickly perceive c syntax. Good and well-proven compilers can be found for each embedded Processor.

Write this system for the tremendous loop demonstration.

Void principal( void)
                 //put together run perform x
                Whereas(1)  //  ‘for ever’ (tremendous loop)
                        X(); // Run perform x()

As a normal rule, the velocity at which your software runs is immediately decided by the oscillator frequency. Most often, Should you double the oscillator frequency, the appliance will run twice as quick.

Develop MIPS.

MIPS: Million directions per second.

What are the vary of most oscillator frequency and the height efficiency in 8051?

The 8051 had a most oscillator frequency of 12 MHz, and peak efficiency is 1 MIP.

Easy methods to enhance the 8051 efficiency?

The easy approach to enhance the efficiency of the 8051 microcontrollers is to extend the clock frequency. The 8051 gadgets permit using clock speeds properly past the 12MHz restrict of the unique gadgets. The easiest way to enhance the efficiency is to make inside adjustments to the microcontroller in order that fewer oscillator cycles are required to execute every machine’s instruction.

What are the varieties of reminiscence in an Embedded System on C?

  • DRAM(Dynamic RAM)
  • SRAM(Static RAM)
  • Masks Learn-only Reminiscence (ROM)
  • PROM(Programmable Learn-Solely Reminiscence)
  • UV EPROM(UV Erasable Programmable Learn-Solely Reminiscence)
  • EEPROM (Electrically – Erasable PROM)

Embedded C Interview Questions

Outline DRAM.

It’s a read-write reminiscence know-how and makes use of a small capacitor to retailer data. The capacitor will discharge quickly and have to be often refreshed to keep up the required data. There’s a likelihood that the data is misplaced when energy is faraway from the chip.

Outline SRAM.

It’s a read-write reminiscence know-how and makes use of a type of digital flip flops to retailer the data. No refreshing is required, however the circuit is extra advanced. The entry time could also be one–third these of DRAM.

Outline Masks read-only reminiscence.

It’s also often known as factory-programmed ROM, and masks programming just isn’t low cost. ACCESS TIME of masks read-only reminiscence is 1.5 instances slower than the DRAM.

Outline promenade.

It’s a type of write-once, read-many (WORM) or “one–time programmable” (OTP) reminiscence.

Outline UV EPROM.

Like PROM, UV EPROMs are programmed electrically. Not like PROMs, they’ve a Quartz Window that enables the reminiscence to be erased by exposing the machine’s internals to UV gentle. The quartz window can be lined with a UV-opaque label. This EPROM can face up to 1000’s of Applications/ erase cycles. It’s extra versatile than PROMs and can be utilized in prototyping.

Outline EEPROM.

It’s a extra user-friendly type of ROM that may be each programmed and erased-friendly. It may be often reprogrammed by way of byte by byte foundation. It’s used to retailer passwords and different persistent person knowledge.

Outline FLASH ROM.

It’s a extra user-friendly type of ROM that may be each programmed and erased simply.  EEPROM and FLASH ROM are each related to one another. It typically required a blocked–sized erase operation earlier than programming.


It’s a base- 16 numbering scheme which offers a compact approach of representing giant binary numbers. It’s extensively utilized in embedded methods. The prefix ‘0X’ is utilized in C( and elsewhere) to point {that a} quantity is in ‘hex’ notation.

Identify the reminiscence areas in 8051 gadgets.

There are two varieties of distinct reminiscence areas within the 8051 gadgets. They’re:

  • The information space
  • The code space.
What’s the distinction between C and embedded C?

C is a high-level programming language and the extension of c language is named embedded C. This programming language is unbiased of {hardware}. Nonetheless, the embedded C programming language is definitely hardware-dependent.

Why is C utilized in embedded?

The embedded system performs higher as a result of to C’s improved machine directions for the enter. Since most high-level languages depend on libraries, they take up extra reminiscence, which is troublesome for embedded methods to accommodate.

What’s embedded C?

The C Requirements Committee created Embedded C as a set of language extensions for the C programming language to resolve problems with commonality between C extensions for varied embedded gadgets.

What are knowledge sorts in embedded C?

The three completely different integer knowledge sorts that embedded C offers are int, quick, and lengthy. Integer values on 8-bit architectures are usually 16 bits in measurement by default, though Embedded C permits switching between 8 and 16 bits to avoid wasting reminiscence.

Which software program is used for embedded C?

Embedded Software program Growth Instruments Record
Qt Creator
Visible Studio

How do I begin embedded C?

4 Steps to Getting Began with Embedded Programming
Be taught C. 
Be taught Fundamental Electronics.
Select a Microcontroller and Toolchain.
Decide Elements & Dig into Their Datasheets.

Is Arduino embedded C?

The AVR microcontrollers used inside Arduino boards are programmed utilizing a subset of C, identical to different microcontrollers. These subsets are known as “Embedded C” on the whole since they’re used for programming embedded controllers.

Can we use printf in embedded C?

Though the vast majority of platforms have their very own APIs that may ship knowledge over a UART bus, none of them has the energy and ubiquity of the printf() perform. Sadly, merely including the stdio library is often insufficient to make use of this perform in an embedded C software.


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