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How To Choose The Best Asian Wedding Cakes

One of the most important components to an Asian wedding is the cake. In modern western society the cake generally is on display and usually served at the reception. Many different cultures have everything from the newest trends to the wildest flavors to the expert advice on what type of cake to serve. This is definitely a good thing for people who love a simple cake. In this article we will take a look at one of the more exotic cultures of the east, the London cake.

All Type of Cakes In London

The most well-known cake types in London are the floral cakes. In fact, Asian weddings in the UK often feature a flower theme for the cakes, as well as other decorations. Flowers, or more specifically, flowers in flower arrangements are considered to be symbolic in many Asian cultures. A good example would be that of a bride preparing for her wedding by placing white flowers on the edge of the table.

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Asian Weeding Cakes

It’s not uncommon for the bride to put flowers on the side of the cake or to even use them as decorative decorations on the tables themselves. Some couples even have entire themed cakes made using flowers as the main decoration. In fact, there are whole cake categories within the Asian Wedding Cakes category that highlight these decorations.

Popular Cakes

Floral decorations are very common within the Asian Cake world. Flowers are used to accent the cake decoration, which makes them very popular, especially with Asian grooms. However, while the flowers are the symbolic focal point of the cake, other decorations can be quite decorative depending on the theme of the wedding itself. For example, many brides have their bouquets and decorations incorporated into the cake itself. This results in the cake being more of a “rolling bouquet” rather than the traditional floral design.

Speaking of themes, Asian cakes also tend to have a lot of floral designs rather than solid color cakes. The reason for this is to emulate the Asian feel that the Asian culture is so well known for. Floral decorations are a major part of the Asian culture, and as such are very common decorations seen on Asian style cakes. Still, the overall theme of the cake is kept simple with just a few colors being used and the entire thing being decorated in a very simple way.

Wedding Celebrations Cakes

Asian Wedding cakes are most commonly ordered online from any number of online companies. However, it is possible to order Asian Cakes from a number of different vendors located in the downriver southeast Michigan area. Many cakes that you see ordered online have originated from the Asian persuasion.

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There are companies that deal exclusively with Asian deli cakes, Oriental bakery shops, and Asian specialty restaurants. The Asian food market is very large and growing. So, if you live in or around Southeast Michigan, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find the perfect cake for your wedding celebration.

Another way to get an authentic wedding cake in Southeast Michigan would be to visit one of the Asian specialty stores in the area. These stores will typically have a large display of a variety of Asian wedding cakes along with other foods and gifts for the guests. You can even custom order the floral arrangements and wedding favor to go along with the wedding cakes that are chosen.

Once you have selected your choice of Asian cake, it is important that you create a themed wedding invitation to go along with it. It is best to use the wedding cakes as your inspiration for the themed wedding invitations. For example, if you are having an Asian-inspired wedding, the invitation cards should be in the Asian style along with using the same cake photo that you used for the cake. The wedding reception photos should be taken in the same manner as well.

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