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How to Get All Your Work Done While on a Business Trip

It almost feels counterintuitive to travel to a new exciting place and work while there. As humans, we naturally want to go out and explore when on a trip which makes getting anything done pretty difficult. I want to share with you how to get all your work done while you are on a business trip.

Luckily, we have many tips a person can use to not only boost productivity but boost mood, organization, and comfort as well.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to get all of your work done while on a business trip.

Set work goals

Getting all your work done is easier when you set micro-goals for your assignments.
For example, if you have a project that could be divided into five parts, you can make the completion of each part one of your goals.

Commit to staying focused until each goal is met and reward your work with a small break. These micro-goals encourage self-discipline and positive reinforcement.

Get plenty of rest

When on a trip to a foreign place, a person may have the desire to go out, explore, and have some fun. Although adventuring is ok while off the clock, it is important that you don’t get carried away and miss out on sleep.

Lack of sleep can result in decreased motivation, altered cognition, impaired focus, and fatigue. The general rule of thumb is that a healthy adult should have 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Noise-canceling headphones

Working in a new environment can be distracting because you have the sounds of other hotel guests and outdoor activity stealing your focus.

Noise-canceling headphones are a great investment for anyone that needs help relaxing or centering their attention around a task.

Take care of tasks unrelated to work

Before you start working for the day, it can be helpful to take care of any unrelated tasks such as going to the dry cleaners, making personal calls, or eating a meal.

By tending to non-work duties before getting started, you decrease the likelihood of becoming distracted or overwhelmed by the notion that you need to take action on other tasks.

Play music

If immersing yourself in your work is difficult while on a trip, playing music while on the job can be surprisingly helpful.

Science shows that playing music can significantly improve productivity by:
● Lifting your mood
● Drowning out irrelevant noises
● Increasing moral
● Persuading a faster pace of work
● Influencing an alert, quick-thinking state of mind

Create a comfortable workspace

Where you sit down and get to work has a large impact on how efficient you are.

An uncomfortable workspace can obstruct productivity because it may result in frustration and physical pain.

You can create a comfortable work area by:
● Choosing appropriate seating
● Finding a spacious area
● Having good lighting
● Keeping the space decluttered
● Selecting a spot that is free from fluctuations in temperature

Follow a schedule

There are several reasons one would travel for business like; meetings, conferences, workshops, or exploring an area for expansion.

Alongside job-related arrangements, employees need to find time for their work, travel, sleep, meals, hygiene, and relaxation. Creating a schedule covering every aspect of a trip can help you stay focused, avoid rushing, and ensure that no tasks are forgotten.

Book a business-friendly accommodation

The atmosphere you choose to work in will make a significant difference in how productive you are on your trip.

Ordinary hotels tend to be loud from time to time and may not have the amenities or resources required for staying on task. Instead, consider booking with a corporate lodging company like Hotel Engine.

Corporate lodging is cost-effective temporary housing that comes furnished and offers quiet places to work, a full kitchen, wi-fi, and may even have computers and printers. These short-term rentals allow teams to work together in a comfortable space and minimize the time spent going out to restaurants.

Make a packing list

A few days before you start packing for the trip, make a list of all personal and business-related items that will be needed.

Creating a packing list a few days prior to leaving gives you ample time to contemplate what you need. Doing so eliminates the chance of leaving something behind and having to waste time and money while on the trip.

Some things to consider packing for a business trip would be:
● A Powerbank
● An extra business outfit and clothing
● Stationary
● Accessories
● Business cards
● Job essentials like a laptop and briefcase


There are many ways a person can get all of their work done while on a business trip.
Some of the most impactful tips to remember would be eliminating distractions, staying in a business-friendly accommodation, choosing a comfortable workspace, and following a schedule.

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