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Tips for getting cheap clicks from Google adwords campaign

If you are looking for one of the most effective tools for promoting your products in the online marketplace then Google AdWords should fit your bill. With Google performing over 10 billion searches per day, you certainly cannot overlook the importance of this search engine in achieving high search engine rankings. In this post, i am sharing with you, tips for getting cheap clicks from Google adwords campaign.

Using Google AdWords, you can leverage the potential of the most popular search engine in the world. However, before resorting to the use of AdWords in promoting your products, you need to understand how this tool works. This is where getting started with Google AdWords comes in. Read also how to get Google Adsense approval faster than you think

How AdWords work

As an internet marketer, you will need to use the AdWords system to bid for your keywords and phrases. You can bid from as low as 5 cents per click to $50 or more depending on your budget. For instance, if you are selling smartphones, then you can bid for phrases like “smartphones for sale” or “cheap smartphones for sale.” They key is to be as specific as possible when choosing your keywords.

Several factors determine where your ad is placed within the sponsored listings. Some of these factors include your bid price, your ad’s click through rate and the quality score of the web page where you are directing your ad traffic to. You need the right combination of these factors when composing your ad in order to receive top listing for your ad.

Getting started with Google AdWords: The steps

Before using Google AdWords to promote your products, you need to set aside some time to read and understand the terms and conditions as well as user guidelines on Google website. With this, you will have an in depth understanding of what Google expects from you.

If you want to make a lot of money on AdWords you have to make sure you keep your costs under control and figure out how to get traffic for less than other people in your market. That is exactly what I want to show you how to do right now.

1. Stop buying highly places keywords

Stop buying AdWords traffic from highly keyed in words in your market. You have to understand something… Most of the people you are competing against in your market are lazy and won’t bid on more than a couple of keywords at a time.

They will only focus on the ones that get the most traffic and then just leave the rest. The reason is – they don’t think it is worth the effort to go after the small ones.

Here is the thing – the small ones are where the money is for you because if you can spend some more time and build a campaign around them, you will get less traffic but you will get more overall visitors because you can add in thousands of these keywords.

That means you might end up with even more visitors but be more diversified across more words.

2. Redeploy your sales funnel

The second tip for getting cheap clicks is to redevelop your sales funnel, when you do this, you will get more profit for every visitor who comes to your site. The secret for making enough money on AdWords is not getting a lot of visitors – it is actually getting a lot of income from the visitors you do get.

Then what you can do is invest more of your profit into getting even more visitors… That is how you make a lot of money online.


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