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How to improve handwriting? , How to Improve Handwriting in Hindi

Handwriting plays an important role in reading and understanding any article. In today’s modern era, new machines like computers have made our writing easy, yet if the handwriting is beautiful and neat, it has a special effect on the reader.

Even in today’s scientific age, it is necessary for our handwriting to be fine because we have to write in school, college and office.

We should keep on practicing for good writing which is beneficial for ourselves and others. We all know that beautiful handwriting has a very good and positive effect in our schools, colleges and workplaces.

how to improve handwriting
how to improve handwriting

Through handwriting, we convey our thoughts and ideas to others, so it is very important that every word of our handwriting should be neat and readable. If the handwriting is pure and neat, then only we will be able to understand and read it well, so it is very important that in order to write good handwriting, we need to take special care of small things.

benefits of good handwriting

It is very important for our handwriting to be good and clear because a good handwriting presents the personality and knowledge of any person.

Which has a direct impression on the reader. Through good handwriting, we can explain our thoughts and ideas better, so it is very important for our handwriting to be good.

Having good handwriting in all of our lives, school, college and workplace also has a different effect and confidence. That’s why for good handwriting it is necessary that we take some time out of our daily routine and keep practicing.

Disadvantages of Bad Handwriting

The way we can see the benefits of our good writing. Similarly, if our handwriting is dirty and unclear, then we are bound to see its disadvantages.

If our handwriting is not good or the letters are crooked, then the reader will not be able to read our words and our thoughts properly, nor will they be able to understand its meaning, the reader will have difficulty and at the same time it is good to see. Will not be visible.

Bad highlighting or incomplete letters written in a hurry can also change the meaning of our article and our impression is also bad and no one likes to be written by us and most importantly to get good marks in school college exams and competitive exams. Getting selected in the examinations becomes even more difficult.

Ways to Improve Handwriting | Handwriting Improvement Tips

pure writing practice

If we want to keep our handwriting good, then along with regular practice, we should also take care of some things like what we are writing is often complete, correct and clear, it is also very important to take care of the quantities and spelling.

Along with continuous efforts to improve your quantities and spelling mistakes and increase your vocabulary, you should try to improve your mistakes by taking the help of other newspapers, booklets and books.

Only then, by choosing the right words at the right place in our article, we can convey the meaning of our point in the right way to the reader with interest.

consistency and spacing of words

For your handwriting to be organized and attractive, it is important that you also keep in mind the distance between the letters, so that the meaning of the sentence can be explained properly and the letters are straight and the writing is straight and at equal distance, so that the article is clearly attractive in reading. And looks beautiful.

font size and pen position

For good handwriting, the size of the words should also be equal. It should not happen that some letter is small and some letter is big because it will be difficult to read and it will not look good, that is, the size of the words should be the same, while writing we should keep the grip of pen or pencil normal like:-

  • holding a pen or pencil at a certain distance
  • Do not hold the pen or pencil too tightly or too loosely.
  • drive pen nib deeper
  • Select the position to hold the pan according to the size of your palm

cleaning and line care

Handwriting looks attractive only when it is written cleanly, that is, we have to try not to write cleanly and beautifully, because it will not keep the beauty of our article, and while writing, we should always write on the line so that it looks orderly. .

don’t rush

When we have a good habit of writing through our regular practice, then the speed of our writing will automatically start increasing. That’s why we should not write in a hurry because we will make mistakes in a hurry and the letters will not come well, be concentrated while writing and write slowly understanding the sentences written.

Material quality and condition

While writing, keep in mind that our posture should be comfortable so that there is no problem in our fingers while writing and the quality of the paper and pen we are using should be good so that our handwriting is clean, beautiful and clear.
It is also necessary that our position should be correct and stable while writing. The position in which we sit while writing is also important for a good handwriting.

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