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Profitable ways to promote your business with banner advertising

It is a common saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Web banner advertising is a picture of what is currently going on with your business. A web banner advertisement is usually a current offering, event or special occurring in your business. Create one to promote your business. The more attention-grabbing, your ads are the better.So, in this post, i will be sharing some 5 tested profitable ways to promote your business with banner advertising.You can also read these 9 tips to create banners for profitable advertising.

Online business is growing day by day that has given rise to the cyber market. Millions and trillions of the Internet users are spread all over the world. Entrepreneurs aim at tapping the potential of Internet to procure beneficial results for their companies. Banner advertising is one of the powerful and valuable marketing strategies.

It is used to draw maximum potential web traffic towards the advertiser’s company website. These banners equip an entrepreneur to introduce and promote the business through Internet. You can also build a brand image of your company among your prospective customers.

How to create attractive online banners

A high quality online advertisement enables a marketer to allure maximum traffic towards the website of the organization. A well-designed and strategically placed online advertisement can drive quality traffic which offers you an opportunity to generate sales. A designer should keep a few points in mind while designing a banner. Make your advertisement attractive and easily accessible by the web users.

You can use vibrant colors and fresh text to create an impressive online advertisement. Colors should be selected carefully. They should reflect the nature of your company. Colors are also used at times to subtly convey the message of an enterprise. You can use graphics or image to make your advertisement visually emphatic. Another element is the textual information in an online advertisement. The words selected by you should be crisp and fresh. The content can contain keywords which are related to your business. These keywords can make an online advertisement search engine friendly.

The algorithms of the search engines can only consider the textual information so the use of keywords is beneficial. By using appropriate keywords you can make your promotional message accessible to a number of target customers. It is essential to select the website or directory for the placement of your banner. An advertiser should select a website which is closely related to products or services advertised. Another factor is that a banner should be placed at the top of the web page. Such strategic placement allures the visitor towards the advertisement. All these factors are essential in effectively promoting your business. For creating such type of alluring and unique banners there is banner designer software available.

1. Email marketing

Add your web banner to your e-newsletter or e-zine. You can even send your web banner as an individual email to your mailing list. Don’t have a mailing list? There are many companies that send emails to large audiences for a fee. They usually call them email blasts. Pay to put your web banner into one of their email blasts.

2. Social Networking

This is a major way for interacting with the masses. Set you up a profile on several social networking websites. Make friends that fall within your target market. Interact with them on a regular basis. Make sure all of your interactions are not strictly business. The key to social networking is building relationships with your target market. Your target market must see you as a human being and not just an entity to conduct business with. Friends buy from friends. Read also essential skills of a successful social media manager

a. Profile – post your banner advertisements on your profile. You can post it directly in your profile using HTML format or post it in your own comments page, status or photos. On some social networks, it is easier to post HTML than others. MySpace accepts HTML language as a form of posting; whereas Facebook does not translate it as well. Photos are a great place to post a banner ad because it can be viewed as a picture and people are drawn to see your pictures. They will visit your photo section just to see what pictures you have. Once there, they will view your advertisements as well.

b. Comments – another good place to place your banner ads is in your comments to your friends. This is a good place to post your banner advertisements because many who are not exposed to your profile are exposed to others. Now your friends’ friends have seen your ad. It is a possibility that your friends will delete your ad from their comments. But in many cases, they are your REAL friend and support your effort and won’t delete your ad. Or others are just too lazy to maintain their profile in a way to diligently monitor their profiles to the point of deleting your banner ad immediately. At the least, you should be able to get at least exposure to your “friends'” comments section (therefore their friends) for a couple of days. That’s enough to attract some attention.

c. Messages – thirdly in social networking, you can send a message directly to all of your friends and ask them to send it to their friends. Don’t miss reading small home business ideas for the non-computer person

3. Website marketing

It is always a good idea to post your banner ad on your website. It is useful in attracting search engines to your website for your “freshly added content”. New visitors will see your banner ad and will be informed immediately of your current specials or events.

4. Display advertising

The most common and obvious way to use banner advertising is in display advertising. You can post your banner ad at many websites for a price. A major way to advertise is with companies like Google AdWords. Other forms of display advertising is with companies like AdBrite, Microsoft Ad Center, and Yahoo Publisher.

5. Networking

Send an email to all of your friends and family asking them to forward your email to all of their friends and family…who will forward to all of their friends and family and so on. This can be a powerful and effective in getting into the warm market of many people in a short period of time.

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