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ios – SwiftUI – Tips on how to crop the unique picture (utilizing CGImage) after scaling and transferring it?

I have been making an attempt to unravel the issue for a very long time, however I am unable to. I’ll actually respect your assist!
Proper now I am fighting figuring out the coordinates (Offset) of the primary level of the a part of the picture I am seeing on the display.

For instance, this code prints the offset after the picture has been moved. And I do not perceive make it in order that when the picture is scaled, the offset adjustments accordingly. I imply that if I wish to crop a photograph from the identical place, for instance on the left edge, however at totally different scales, I am unable to do this right here, as a result of the offset coordinates aren’t the identical.

struct ContentView: View {
    @State non-public var imageScale: CGFloat = 1.0
    @State non-public var previousScale: CGFloat = 0
    @State non-public var imageOffset: CGSize = .zero
    @State non-public var previousOffset: CGSize = .zero

    var physique: some View {
        let dragGesture = DragGesture()
            .onChanged { worth in
                self.imageOffset.width = worth.translation.width + self.previousOffset.width
       = +
            .onEnded { worth in
                self.previousOffset = self.imageOffset

                print("Offset: (imageOffset)")

        let pinchGesture = MagnificationGesture()
            .onChanged { scale in
                imageScale = scale + previousScale
            .onEnded { _ in
                previousScale = imageScale - 1

        Picture(systemName: "particular person.fill")


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