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ios – The best way to use Mix to ship and obtain in an async course of?

I’ve a case in mine that I need to filter an array in several class, and the filtering course of is in async-await course of.

Right here is my code and outline of my case:

class ProcessorClass {
    var objectA = CurrentValueSubject<[ObjectA]?, By no means>(nil)
    var filteredObjectA = [ObjectA]()
    func asyncProcessFunc() async {
        // ... async-await course of to get the array of ObjectA
        let objectAs = await getObjectAs()
        // ... async-await course of to course of the filtered ObjectA
        await processFilteredObject(object: filteredObjectA)
    func getObjectAs() async -> [ObjectA] {
        // ... do course of to get ObjectA array
    func processFilteredObject(object: [ObjectA]) async {
        // ... do course of to filtered ObjectA array

class ReceiverClass {
    var subscriber = Cancelable()
    func receiverFunc(processor: ProcessorClass) {
            .sink { objects in
                if objects != nil {
                    processor.filteredObjectA.append(objects!.final!) // ... Do filtering course of, for instance: I might wish to course of the final object solely
            }.retailer(in: subscriber)

My asyncProcessFunc of ProcessorClass is doing a course of to get the array of ObjectA, and I might wish to move it to my ReceiverClass to be filtered which ObjectA that I might wish to course of within the ProcessorClass.

Presently I used mix framework to repair it.
However I ponder if there’s another methods to unravel my case.
And I apprehensive if there will likely be bizarre bugs in future, as a result of the asyncProcessFunc() of ProcessorClass is operating asynchronously and have to attend a course of to be accomplished earlier than executing different course of.

Any suggestion can be very appreciated!
Thanks upfront.


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