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New Method Fraudsters Use To Hack Your Bank Account

Hello ladies and gentlemen; I want to share with you the new method fraudsters use to hack your bank account these days, please read this report, it will help you.

First of all you get a message saying that you have been qualified to get 250k for survival fund and then you will be asked to call the number attached to the message.

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Attached are the screenshots of messages that they sent to me and my wife.

New Method Fraudsters Use To Hack Your Account New Method Fraudsters Use To Hack Your Account

After you call them, they will ask you what you do and what you will do with the money when they give you. The interrogation will last for long, making it look like it’s real. They will even suggest business that you will do with the money when they give you.

Then they will ask for your account number, after a while, they will call you and tell you that your account history/transaction is not up to the standard they need, and so you are only qualified to receive #30k.

Then they will send you the money.

To you now, it looks so easy and genuine getting 30k.

Definitely, after getting the 30k, you will be thinking it’s genuine. Then definitely you will tell your friends, family members and people you know to call the number so they can get their.

I forget to mention that the scammer will tell u that it’s only some certain bank that they partner with.

He mentioned FCMB, Keystone, Taj and I think Union.

From my experience, these banks Mobile apps can be activated in multiple devices without having to delete it from a previous device.

By the time you start telling people of the freebies you thought you got from FG, then your friends will start calling the number, then during the interrogation from the scammer, when he will be asking you what you will do with the money and all that, a token will be sent to you and then he will demand for it. Then through the information he will get from you, he will now open the mobile app of your bank from his own end.

Lastly he will tell you that by tomorrow, you will get your own alert of the survival fund.

If there is no money in your account, he will ask you to credit your account with about 5k… (Small money abi.). Saying that your account needed to be funded so they will be sure it’s active.

Then before tomorrow, your acct will be wiped out.

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