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swift – Stay video streaming challenge: Clean display on iOS 17 with AVMutablePlayer/AVPlayer

I am encountering a difficulty with stay video streaming on iOS 17 utilizing AVMutablePlayer. I am using a wss URL to stream movies by capturing knowledge in chunks (e.g., 5 seconds) and taking part in it. Upon completion of the 5-second section, I load one other 5 seconds utilizing self.participant.replaceCurrentItem(with: nextPlayerItem).
Regardless of listening to occasions through self.participant.currentItem?.observe, the performance seems to be working properly on iOS 16 however constantly shows a clean video on iOS 17.

     Performs subsequent fragment set.
    non-public func playNext() {
        let nextSet = self.dataCollector.getNextItem(size: self.configuration.frameDelay)
        if nextSet.depend == self.configuration.frameDelay  {
            var playerTime:Int = self.participant.currentItem != nil ? Int(CMTimeGetSeconds(participant.currentTime())) : 0
            var allData = Information()
            allData.appendAll(dataSet: dataCollector.getFileType())
            nextSet.forEach { (knowledge) in
                playerTime += 1
                self.currentFragmentTimes.updateValue(knowledge.getFragmentTime(), forKey: playerTime)
            if(allData.depend > 0) {
                self.participant.replaceCurrentItem(with: AVPlayerItem(asset: AVMutableMovie(knowledge:allData, choices:  nil)))
                self.playerInitializedTime = nil

I attempted to Exchange the AvMutablePlayer with AVPlayer it appears working however there’s flickering after every alternative of information buffer.


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