The Obtain: a brand new sort of IVF, and the AI consciousness debate

When Dina Radenkovic, CEO of Gameto, a startup engineering stem cells to craft a light-weight model of IVF, injected herself with a needle loaded with hormones final December, she wasn’t making an attempt to get pregnant. As an alternative, she’d signed up for her personal firm’s examine of the way to “mature” human eggs in a lab dish as a substitute of inside their our bodies.

Gameto is amongst a gaggle of startups making an attempt to simplify the IVF course of, in addition to getting it to suit into girls’s busy schedules extra simply. However specialists say its know-how nonetheless has some technique to go earlier than it may be embraced extra broadly. Learn the total story.

—Antonio Regalado

The nice AI consciousness conundrum

AI consciousness isn’t only a devilishly difficult mental puzzle; it’s a morally weighty downside with probably dire penalties that philosophers, cognitive scientists, and engineers alike are presently grappling with. 

Fail to determine a acutely aware AI, and also you would possibly unintentionally subjugate a being whose pursuits must matter. Mistake an unconscious AI for a acutely aware one, and also you threat compromising human security and happiness for the sake of an unthinking, unfeeling hunk of silicon and code.

Over the previous few many years, a small analysis neighborhood has doggedly attacked the query of what consciousness is and the way it works. The trouble has yielded actual progress. And now, with the fast advance of AI know-how, these insights might supply our solely information to the untested, morally fraught waters of synthetic consciousness. Learn the total story.


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