The Obtain: gene-editing HIV, and how one can destroy PFAS

The information: The gene-editing know-how CRISPR has been used to alter the genes of human infants, to change animals, and to deal with folks with sickle-cell illness. Now scientists try a brand new trick: utilizing CRISPR to completely remedy folks of HIV. 

How they did it: A biotechnology firm referred to as Excision BioTherapeutics says it added the gene-editing instrument to the our bodies of three folks residing with HIV and commanded it to chop, and destroy, the virus wherever it’s hiding.

What it means: The early-stage research is a probing step towards the corporate’s eventual aim of curing HIV an infection with a single intravenous dose of a gene-editing drug. Nevertheless, as a result of the medical doctors withheld early information concerning the remedy’s results, exterior specialists have been left guessing whether or not it labored. Learn the complete story.

—Antonio Regalado

The race to destroy PFAS, the perpetually chemical substances 

What do firefighting foams, mountain climbing boots, raincoats, nonstick frying pans, lipstick, and even ink have in widespread? They’ll all comprise PFAS, a household of chemical compounds which were utilized in numerous functions for many years. 

The compounds are ubiquitous in ingesting water and soil, even migrating to Arctic sea ice. PFAS are referred to as perpetually chemical substances as a result of as soon as current within the setting, they don’t degrade or break down. They accumulate, and finally persist. 


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