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10 Top TikTok Trends You Need to Follow to Go Viral in 2024

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Let me ask this, have you ever opened the TikTok application and watched a series of entertaining clips and though to yourself that you could also make such videos? You’re not alone. Tens of millions of people are global trying to score the coveted TikTok virility, but the vast majority of them fail. Therefore, in this well detailed article, let us explore the top TikTok trends you need to follow to go viral in 2024.

So, what’s their secret?

It is where the notions of the narrow understanding of the latest trends on TikTok come into play. As we are unwrapping this article, let us prepare ourselves with tightly-knitted seatbelts as we discuss the ultimate list of TikTok trends that you should strive to achieve in 2024. Fasten your seat belts because by the time you’re done reading this piece you’ll be all set to go on TikTok.

Why TikTok Virality Matters

Picture this: You upload a video, and within one single day, it has tens, maybe even hundreds, of views, likes and comments at a rate most individuals can only dream of on their “For You” Page. Overnight, you are gaining thousands of followers, brands start to message you for sponsorships, and there’s an orange arrow pointing up on the side.

Sounds amazing, right? If there is one thing that this story proves, it is that anything has the potential of being viral on the platform of TikTok. But here is the catch – it is not all about luck. That is the model, the curve, the path and learning how to use it all to your advantage.

The Problem: To TikTok and Back

As I was saying, with as many downloads as TikTok has received today, reaching out to people and making yourself noticeable is quite the task. The algorithm separating the future gems from the dross is a very sophisticated one and rewards posts that are interesting creative and timely. Most people quit at some point giving up, the mere belief that one cannot deliver on creations is misleading most individuals.

But here’s the good news: If people follow these steps, anyone can achieve becoming TikTok famous by creating a video that can go viral in span of time. Therefore if you find yourself wondering why your articles are not being read, fret not. We’ve got you covered.

Objection Handling:

“Yes, I Done Heard Da Riddim, But I’m Not Creative Enough!”

Before we dive into the trends, let’s address a common objection: “I am not creative enough to go viral.” Much as this is a lie, it is an illogical thing for anyone to say. TikTok is the best place to be and create something different since creativity is a talent that can be learned.

Moreover, many viral trends are not creations of someone but rather the involvement in something that is already being done. Therefore, regardless of whether you are new in this platform, or you have been creating content for a while now, your chances of going viral are just as high as the next person.

1. AI-Generated Content

AI is no longer a distant dream of the future it’s already among us and is reshaping the way content is being generated. Specifically, condition in 2024 can be outlined as the AI-generated content reigns on TikTok. Today, it ranges from generating AI music to deep fakes’ technology and a whole lot more.

For example, the AI available can assist you in making great jingles, or natural appearing animations, etc., but you do not have to be a professional developer to use it. TikTok stands out when it focuses on AI, providing viewers with curiosity and increasing the probability of reaching viral altogether.

How to Leverage AI-Generated Content:

• Explore AI Tools: For instance, you can go to websites such as Amper Music or DeepArt and come up with personal content quickly.
• Combine with Popular Trends: AI is used to present an entirely new spin towards current fashion trends.
• Stay Ethical: Make sure your AI is not misleading, and your content has a good, or at least neutral, ethical standpoint.

2. Authentic Storytelling

Just as the internet is oversaturated with perfect, filters life, realness is king and queen at present. Organic content is what people use TikTok for, and it will be best to give these users real, everyday stories.

Finally, in 2024, storytelling isn’t only a concept that is used by marketing strategists and fascinated by people around the world; instead, storytelling has become a strict requirement.

Conveying parts of one’s lifestyle, struggles, and triumphs results in a bond with the readers, which in return increases the likelihood of getting your content shared.

How to Master Authentic Storytelling:

• Be Genuine: Only share the stories that you want to tell when, for instance, in group work or any writing assignment where stories are to be shared.
• Engage with Your Audience: Engage comments and messages to foster a community.
• Use Captions and Hashtags: Add closed captions relevant to your stories to help people find them with hashtags.

3. Interactive Content

Some of the key functions of TikTok are extremely actively developing, which presents new opportunities for creators to interact with the audience.

Quick live event relatableness, let alone the impersonal level of participation, duets, stitches, live streams, Q&A sessions — it all drastically increases the visibility of interactive content. In 2024, these aspects will be vital for anyone who wishes to become viral among the users of social networks.

How to Create Interactive Content:

• Host Live Streams: Converse with your audience in real-time with live streams.
• Collaborate with Other Creators: And finally, employ the use of duets and stitches to cooperate and expand the circles.
• Encourage Participation: It is also generally good practice to create calls-to-action to get the viewers to engage with your content.

4. Edutainment

Currently, educational content delivered in fun series, famously known as edutainment, is going viral on TikTok. People have a desire to know something new and it is even more preferable if the new information is cooled in an entertaining manner.

No matter whether you are use this information to teach the viewer useful tips on how to make better their life or share knowledge about, let’s say, the history of the particular country, edutainment can be useful to keep your audience’s attention.

How to Create Edutainment Content:

• Identify Your Niche: Choose the best and most relevant issues that you are interested and well-informed about.
• Keep it Fun: Make content funny, explorative by the use of illustrations and pass on your stories.
• Engage with Trends: Try to use the most frequently used sounds and hashtags to help get your account more exposure.

5. Short-Form Series

Mini-series or short series are also common on TikTok now. These are episodes that are primarily short stories with a part of a story or a nugget of value given in one video and the next. This format makes the audience return for more content, thus enhancing your probability of going viral as a series popularizes in society.

How to Create a Short-Form Series:

• Plan Your Content: First of all, one should draw a list of series and sketch each episode.
• Keep It Consistent: These channels provide recommendations on posting frequency so as to maintain the audience’s interest.
• Promote Each Episode: To encourage the channel viewers to search for the next episodes, teasers must be used alongside entertaining thumbnails.

6. Nostalgia

TikTok loves things that make it feel emotional and remembering the good old days is certainly a good feeling. The audiences gets emotionally involved with the oldest or the earliest things they know such as music, fashion or recollected facts. Thus it seemed more suitable, as in 2024 using nostalgia can help find a ready-made large audience and make it easier to become viral.

How to Incorporate Nostalgia:

• Use Throwback Songs: Some of the tips that will help engage the audience and increase the shares of the videos include incorporating popular songs from the past in the videos.
• Share Childhood Memories: Some ideas are to write posts about toys, games or trends that are popular at the time you were a child.
• Participate in Nostalgia Trends: Monitor the keywords connected to the notion of nostalgia, and intervene in the discussions initiated with their help.

7. Health Social Causes Brief and Advocacy

Nowadays, TikTok is not only the source of fun and extraordinary videos, it is an instrument for conveying social messages. Thus, in 2024, active topics, including socially important and advocating ones, will be popular among users.

Having ones views heard and out can not only spread information, but at the same time set one up as an expert in a certain line of work.

How to Highlight Social Causes:

• Choose Your Cause: Carry out your research on topics you are interested in and have good knowledge about.
• Share Personal Stories: It is a good idea to include personal experiences where possible to relate your points and make your advocacy more genuine.
• Use Hashtags and Trends: Another way to enhance your reach involves completing conforming to the relevant hashtags, as well as discussing the trending topics.

8. Behind-the-Scenes Content

People like watching the back stages, or how things are prepared or arranged. Sneak peek content provides the audience with a look at what you do behind the scenes, your typical day, or making of your videos. It might be more personal and people will know more about you, at least the side you choose to show on social media.

How to Create Behind-the-Scenes Content:

• Document Your Process: Demonstrate the process of creating your videos or the sort of content that you produce.
• Share Your Daily Life: Share with your audience what they have not been privileged to see: your daily schedule.
• Be Transparent: This was to ensure that people have a sense of trust and believe that even the company has its own up and down in the field.

9. Micro-Influencers

It is crucial to understand that gone are the days when only accounts with millions and millions of followers could get viral. TikTok is now dominated by what are known as micro-influencers or those who have relatively fewer followers but whose followers are very active.

Businesses are now widely using micro-influencers due to the fact that they are more relatable with the audience. Thus in 2024, the emphasis on community loyalty might pay off more than the goal of acquiring millions of followers.

How to Succeed as a Micro-Influencer:

• Engage with Your Audience: Replies to comments, messages and do post updates and interact with your followers often.
• Be Consistent: Update frequently so the followers will stay interested with your content or posts.
• Collaborate with Brands: Identify brands that are related to your area of interest and that have similar ideas as you do and propose to them to work together.

10. Materials Used in the Present Content Sustained and Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability, therefore, is not a fad but it is the way forward. Today’s TikTok audience is more aware of environmental concerns, and relevance to the topic of sustainable living and respecting the planet has become trendy.

In this way, by sharing tips, home-made productions, ideas on how to preserve the environment, you will be able to successfully follow this new trend.

How to Create Sustainable Content:

• Share Tips and Hacks: You should give tips on how to live a sustainable life on the Earth.
• Showcase DIY Projects: Produce content that has a focus on recycle products or converting them into another product.
• Promote Eco-Friendly Products: Promote environmentally friendly brands and the products that you support.

In ‘Keep Your Audience Coming Back’

Another one of the major factors that can help a media spread faster is to maintain the audience’s engagement. Open loops are one of the powerful means for it.

When you post materials that make the audience crave for more you can easily attract traffic and heighten the chances of getting viral. Pique the audience’s interest before the next content, ask questions that don’t have answers, or begin a series that people can look forward to.

How to Use Open Loops:

• Tease Future Content: End your videos with a teaser for your next video.
• Ask Questions: Pose questions that encourage viewers to comment and return for the answer.
• Create a Series: Develop a series that tells a story or provides value over multiple videos.


Going viral on TikTok in 2024 is within your reach. By understanding and leveraging these trends, you can increase your visibility, engagement, and chances of success.

Remember, the key is to stay authentic, experiment with different types of content, and keep up with the latest trends. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating, keep experimenting, and watch as your TikTok journey unfolds. The next viral sensation could be you!