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What is life? , How can it be best maintained in the 21st century?

Life seems to be a very common word whose clear meaning anyone will tell you, and I rather we all have heard from our parents, elders, friends, siblings since childhood that life is learning. To do a good job, if it is government, then what to say, marrying according to the wishes of the family, and then having at least one child, a son, will be icing on the cake.

Life | life

Knowingly or unknowingly this is the only life which we have been listening to and adopting since childhood. This question must have arisen in your mind sometime or the other, what is life? (What is Life?) Or people think that if we go to the Himalayas then maybe we will understand the real meaning of life.

It is very funny that everything is so extreme that we call it overdoing it in common language. When we talk about the yogis living on the Himalayas, they say, oh brother, he is different and who knows maybe he is also about us. That’s what I would think. This tug of war has been going on since time immemorial. Friends, what do you think Yogi must be thinking that we are different from him You must also give your opinion in the comment box.,

what is life in hindi

Let us now try to look at life in a different way

game of successes and failures

We often measure life in terms of successes and failures because only successes and failures are so important in life that our personality, our whole life rests on this.

In fact, there is nothing like success and failure in life, it is just a scale created by humans, if you meet that scale, then you will be called a successful person in this society and if not, then you will definitely be a failed person. Are

You all must know that there is only one place for all of us in the heart of God, there is no scale.,

Hope you all have understood a lot and consider these three points

  • Do your work without keeping your life on any scale
  • give yourself more and more love and encouragement
  • constantly try to make yourself a better and better person

power of thoughts

All of you must have heard about that court of Lord Gautam Buddha.

Thoughts, Thinking, Positive Thinking, first of all we have to do an exercise called Awareness inside us.

Start with your thoughts, for example, if someone speaks loving words to you, what is going on inside you at that time, you have to understand your thoughts or someone has said harsh words to you, then at that time What kind of thoughts will come in your mind or when you are not doing anything, then what kind of thoughts come in your mind, that’s all.

When you get hold of your own thoughts, when you know this, then you will also develop an understanding of how to react in which situation.

In fact, the thoughts coming inside us as well as the thoughts of others (people living around us) will not make much difference then only life will be easy to live.

evolution of consciousness

The most important thing is the development of our mind with consciousness. To win over the mind, do not have an egoistic attitude towards your life, but take advantage of that ego to improve your life and not to win over others by your behavior. And keep an eye on the decisions, improve yourself if needed.

Let us now discuss some points which can make your and our life easier and better, not only for our physical but also for our mental health.

search for inspiration

See, Motivation is all around us, even a small child can teach us everything from which we cannot learn even from big teachers.

That’s why there is a lot to learn and understand, but how much you want to bring it in your life depends on you.
Let’s take a look at some simple points to live by

  • Keep yourself connected to nature as much as possible, if you cannot plant trees, then go for a walk outside everyday for some time.
  • Learn to forgive people quickly Suggest to yourself that all this has happened not to me but to me (Ishta Bhagwan) Share the burden of your mind with God This is what Krishna says to Arjuna in the fourth chapter of Gita
  • don’t take revenge on anyone
  • spend time with young children
  • Pay attention to your behavior from time to time, this will only develop you and you will become more intelligent.
  • Always remember that everyone’s behavior is not the same, so do not spend your time in changing someone unless it is very necessary.
  • Always keep your inner child alive
  • Don’t take life too seriously
  • Problems are there in everyone’s life, they will not end by thinking about your problems or being sad, yes, sharing with your loved ones or with some special friends will definitely lighten your mind.
  • keep learning something new
  • Never forget to love yourself, remember those who do not love themselves can never give love to others

,First be your own partner,

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