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xcode – npx react-native run-ios returns “error No simulator obtainable with title IPhone 15”

I’ve run xcrun simctl listing gadgets I see:

== Units ==
-- iOS 17.0 --
    iPhone Xs (DAD4BA79-A1FA-497F-B770-63FE2481A89D) (Shutdown) 
    iPhone SE (third technology) (485CA3EB-AACE-4293-8262-9304662F8E91) (Shutdown) 
    iPhone 14 (91C014D1-4343-42D3-AA87-9F40D7CD3CE5) (Shutdown) 
    iPhone 14 Plus (C7F8D92A-E751-409F-B899-DA95BE543136) (Shutdown) 
    iPhone 14 Professional (529916F3-D9DB-4BD2-8AE5-DA84F1AFDE2B) (Shutdown) 
    Check Iphone (153CB498-DD6B-4B7B-8F6B-12D96CF765E5) (Shutdown) 
    iPhone 14 Professional Max (BA1AE5FC-ACA9-4E33-B69F-684512F61C47) (Shutdown) 
    iPhone 15 (1235BB71-7ADC-4288-93A6-ED093E26BFBB) (Shutdown) 
    iPhone 15 Plus (93DA3429-954F-4865-A864-D4FA6B2FE609) (Shutdown) 
    iPhone 15 Professional (833C4066-403E-456E-95C3-9CF4114A23AA) (Shutdown) 
    iPhone 15 Professional Max (E348CF8A-3409-45DE-B5CA-6FF1DCD9EE76) (Shutdown) 
    iPad Air (fifth technology) (33B54F06-5A05-4D6A-80B8-DF21401F6E79) (Shutdown) 
    iPad (tenth technology) (2FCDC922-6DB9-4C9F-9B55-EF430338E04F) (Shutdown) 
    iPad mini (sixth technology) (B2DFF23D-F47D-4EB5-96D7-81E956D83C81) (Shutdown) 
    iPad Professional (11-inch) (4th technology) (AA71E66E-09A8-4718-A392-0753CFE1E7C3) (Shutdown) 
    iPad Professional (12.9-inch) (sixth technology) (3565DB49-3206-4C2C-A40F-577319ADE25E) (Shutdown) 
-- iOS 17.0 --

This solely began taking place after I up to date from xcode 14.x to fifteen and IOS Simulators from 16.x to 17.0. I can run the app high-quality utilizing the xcode construct button. I’ve tried specifying a cellphone UDID, identical error.

I’m utilizing react-native 0.70.6 and react 18.1.0. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling xcode. I’ve deleted node modules and pods and reinstalled them. I’ve cleaned construct folders and rebuilt. Nothing.


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