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10 Major Advantages of Yelp Advertising for Small Businesses

advantages of yelp advertising

Having a successful business often requires using different marketing tools and platforms to promote your brand. Yelp offers advertising services for business listings, allowing them to increase their online visibility. Read on to learn more about the 10 major advantages of Yelp advertising for small businesses, how Yelp advertising works, and best practices for getting started advertising your business.

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But What is Yelp?

Yelp is an online business directory founded in 2004. It allows web users to search for businesses by business category, location, and reviews. It also allows users to leave reviews and rate businesses they have previously purchased from.

10 Advantages of Yelp Advertising for Small Businesses:

According to Yelp for Business, advertising your business on Yelp can provide many benefits. Here are some examples to help you measure the benefits for your business:

1. Provide location-based advertising plans

The first major advantages of Yelp advertising for small businesses is the provision of location-based advertising plans. When you advertise on Yelp, they use your location information to help your business find specific services in your area. This allows your business to engage with local audiences; this especially helps small businesses grow their customer base. This will also help you connect with potential employees.

2. Help you get a good registration

When you sign up for Yelp advertising, your business’s ad will appear on your competitor’s pages. This is important because it increases the likelihood that a Yelp user on a competitor’s page will click on your ad and potentially purchase from your business instead of another. Signing up for Yelp ads can increase your chances of appearing in search engines.

3. Ensures the quality of different products

Another major advantages of Yelp advertising for small businesses is ensuring the quality of different products. Yelp ads appear on web, mobile and desktop apps. This is beneficial because you can reach your customers no matter what device they use to access Yelp.

4. Add a client or customer

Yelp is the first stop for many customers to research before contacting your business.
Pictures of your products or finished projects and a good marketing message can attract more customers. They will form a good impression of your business before making a purchase.

5. Easy to use

You don’t need advanced communication skills to set up and manage your business information. It is convenient not only for you, but also for the customer. No need for tracking and other business information.

6. Trusted Reviews

The sixth on our list of major advantages of Yelp advertising for small businesses is trusted reviews. Although direct recommendations from family and friends are the most helpful, consumers now also trust online reviews. Yelp detects fake or fake reviews and removes them, making them trustworthy.

7. Enhances responding to comments

Perhaps Yelp’s best feature is its responsiveness. Happy or not, it’s always nice to see a business resolve a problem or thank a customer. This does your own thing. If you get a bad review, there are some strategies you can use to minimize the damage.

8. Free tools

Yelp offers many free tools that allow you to create and manage your business profile publicly. This free tool includes learning and profiling features such as:

– E-book to claim your business page
– Financial information
– How to update the business page?
– Yelp’s Best Practices Guide to Managing Your Business on the Platform
– Best practices for responding to reviews and ratings on Yelp

9. Personalized advertising

Custom Ads allow businesses to access Yelp’s advertising tools and customize them to their company’s needs. Special ad features include:

– Target distance allows you to measure the distance of page visitors to your business location.
– Custom posters allow you to maximize your creativity by creating your own poster.

10. Personal advertising

Self Service Advertising the last on our major advantages of Yelp advertising for small businesses, it allows businesses to determine the cost per click of their ads and provides the following services:

– Yelp deals and gift cards drive customers to shop from your business
– Photos and photo slideshows showcase your business
– Business analytics tools to monitor web pages

How to Start Advertising Your Business on Yelp?

Below are 6 steps in details to help you start advertising your business on Yelp:

1. Claim your business on Yelp

If you have not yet claimed your business on Yelp, please complete the following steps:

– Go to Yelp for Business Owners.
– Enter your company name and address into the search engine.
– Click “Get this action”.
– Enter your contact information.
All access is granted after approval.

2. Update your profile

Please make sure your business contact information is correct before adding photos and a brief description of your business. If you have a store, you can add a schedule.

3. Take advantage of Yelp’s great deals and gift certificate feature

This allows you to set a discount or price for random website visitors. Yelp usually keeps a portion of the profits, but offering discounts and promotions gives you an advantage in attracting new and existing customers to your business.

4. Choose the advertising plan that suits you

Yelp offers free and paid advertising to business owners. You can choose to use the standard self-advertising model or choose a more advanced plan that matches you with a Yelp seller. This also allows you to remove competitor ads from your page and set marketing budgets.

5. Use business analysis

As part of your advertising plan, you can use Marketing Insights, which allows you to track how your customers interact with your page. From here you can determine if a special offer or promotion is of interest to your customers.

6. Link back to your website

If you have a business website or social media account, be sure to include links to those platforms on your Yelp business page. This can increase your social media following and increase traffic to your website for more customer engagement.

Yelp Advertising FAQ

How much does it cost to advertise on Yelp?

Yelp uses a cost-per-click strategy for people who want to run ads on their website. The price you pay to advertise on Yelp depends on your monthly advertising budget. Therefore, CPC will be different for each Yelp user.

Is it worth advertising on Yelp?

Advertising on Yelp may be suitable for your business because it provides a platform for web users in your area to find your business. You can also set a lower budget to test whether Yelp ads make a real difference for your business.

How long does it take for Yelp to approve a business?

According to Yelp, the time it takes them to approve a business on the site will depend on whether they can verify the legitimacy of that business.

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