8 Sacrifices That Brings Personal Financial Prosperity

personal financial prosperity

Many people dream of becoming rich and financially stable in life, but never getting ready to make the required sacrifices. You must understand that becoming rich requires dedication, hard work, and certain commitments. In this article, I will be sharing 7 sacrifices that brings personal financial prosperity.

Money is not emotional, but motional. Trust me, by understanding and making these sacrifices, you can set yourself on the path to financial success. Don’t miss reading 17 profitable business ideas for retirees in Nigeria.

Financial prosperity is universal, it is not limited to certain human race, or geographical location. Wherever and whenever you see consistency in finances coming to one person, that person is following a certain set of rules that others are ignorant of, or are not able to follow.

There are laws governing financial prosperity, and you must make the sacrifice of obeying these laws to land in financial fortunes.

1. Sacrifice Instant Gratification

Number 1 sacrifice that brings personal financial prosperity is giving up personal instant satisfactions and gratifications. This is indeed one of the major sacrifices you must make to become financially stable in life.

There are so many pleasurable things readily available to you at the moment, if you get involved in them, nobody will query you, but your financial destiny will suffer setback.

Sacrificing immediate gratification or satisfactions means delaying short-term pleasures so as to enjoy them in the future and in long-term basis. This means, do not spent your money on things that brings only immediate satisfactions.

2. Sacrifice Leisure Time

Achieving financial prosperity does not begin with leisure or funfair, it requires continuously doing the needful. Even though it is important to relax, you should know that reducing leisure time helps you focus and become more committed on your goals.

Reduce the time you spend on activities such as watching movies, sleeping, chatting or playing video games, rather, spend quality time on what brings you closer to your goal of becoming financially stable in life.

3. Sacrifice Unnecessary Expenses/Impulse Buying

Number 3 on our list of sacrifices that brings personal financial prosperity is avoiding unnecessary expenditures. It is a very crucial sacrifice you must make if financial prosperity is your goal.

It connotes living much more below your income and avoiding impulse buys.

Impulse buying is one of the major monsters that has the potentials to keep you poor as long as you continue doing it. Therefore, before buying anything, first ask yourself if you truly need it or you can do without it. For instance, sleeping over it, or delaying for about 24 hours before deciding can help you avoid impulsive spending.

Instead, create a budget and strive to stick to it, focusing only on essential needs and investing the rest of your money on things that are profit yielding.

4. Sacrifice Comfort Zones

Another sacrifices that brings personal financial prosperity is getting out of your comfort zone. You needed to have achieved failure-proof financial freedom before you can stay-put in a comfort zone.

Stepping out of your comfort zone could mean taking the risks of venturing into new business opportunities, learning new skills that brings financial gains such as learning crypto trading, digital marketing or networking with people outside your usual circle.

Remember, growth happens when you consciously put yourself under challenges.

5. Working Harder and Smarter

Many folks believed that working hard enough brings personal financial prosperity; this is not very true. Yes, putting in extra hours and working harder is essential, but working smarter is the key that unlocks the door of prosperity to crown your hard work.

Redirect your focus on tasks that gives the highest return on investment, and find the best ways to achieve your goals. The combination of hard and wise work is what leads to personal financial prosperity.

6. Saving and Investing Aggressively

Occasionally displeasing yourself to aggressively saving and investing your money is a major sacrifice that can leads to personal financial prosperity.

This means setting aside a significant portion of your income no matter the size of it, and investing it in profit yielding ventures such as real estate, stocks, crypto, Forex, or other profitable businesses online or offline. The more you invest, the more your money grows with time.

7. Sacrifice Pride & Seek Mentorship

Finding a man or woman mentor who has achieved financial success in life and has remain so is invaluable. It means you sacrificing some pride and seek tutorials and guidance.

A true mentor will surely provide you with insights, advice, and support to boost your chances of becoming financially prosperous.

8. Sacrifice Extravagant Living

The last but not the least on our list of sacrifice that brings personal financial prosperity is avoiding extravagant lifestyles. Spending more than you earn is a major money mistakes that is powerful enough to keep anybody perpetually poor.

It is very easy to fall into the enticement of buying things on credit or taking out loans for luxury items. To avoid this, create a budget that is below your income and stick to it.


I am very optimistic that by following these tips, and making these sacrifices, you have set yourself on the path to personal financial prosperity. Honestly, the journey may be challenging, but the rewards can be life-changing.

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