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17 Profitable Business Ideas for Retirees in Nigeria

best business ideas for retirees

Some people dream of a day when they won’t be able to do anything for themselves. For them, retirement is a wonderful future where they can spend the next 30 years or more sleeping, lying in the sun, and thinking as little as possible. But there are other geniuses who dream up business ideas after retirement. Therefore, in this article, I will discuss some of the most profitable business ideas for retirees in Nigeria that you can start right away.

The truth is that for most of us, a life of zero work and zero thought will drive us crazy! Sure, it’s good to take a few days off, but then it’s time to solve some problems, learn from them, grow and move on!

1. Buying and Selling

Trading is at the top of my list of profitable business ideas for retirees to start in Nigeria. Can you find it at a price below market price?

Maybe you found these off the shelf, maybe you bought them online, or maybe you just want to hit a garage/estate sale and find some incredible items! You buy and sell to make money.

Broker (usually Amazon, Facebook, Craigslist or eBay) sells them. See the link below. This option is real. Maybe it’s the quality of the brush, maybe it’s the satisfaction and satisfaction with the work done. But it’s fun… and you can make a lot of money!

Read this before anything else: 10 mouth-watering benefits of yelp advertising for small businesses in Florida.

2. Housekeeping, house painting and gardening

Tips for Real Estate and Retirement Investing. All you need is a lawn mower and a way to move it from one place to another. Call some neighbors, put some flyers on people’s doors with your ticket price, and wait for some tips to come in. The domain will be saved, and you’ll start getting referrals as your customers talk to their friends about your great work (offer a referral discount and they’ll be more likely to post those words, too). Important personnel.

They like to talk about the work they do (and who they do it for, sometimes local celebrities), which allows them to pretend to be retired without paying a pension.

3. Online consultant or trainer

Consultant is someone who obtains more business through relationships with different businesses. Companies hire consultants for one purpose: to get an objective, outsider’s perspective on a process or system.

This is one of the most popular options because it allows you to work with clients who have similar interests and goals. You’ll be able to use your knowledge and experience to help them achieve their goals while making money at the same time.

consultants generally work part-time or full-time; This means you can easily set your own schedule and work whenever you want without having to worry about paying rent or other fees that come with ownership.

So use your last year of retirement to train others in your business and earn good money for something as simple as consulting work for your company. If you have special skills or training in a particular job, why not use it to earn extra money?

Becoming a consultant is a great way to earn money while enjoying the time working on your own time. Rare but very important).

4. Pet shop

Fourth on my list of profitable business ideas for adults, you can start selling animals in Nigeria. Opening a small pet store requires hard work and careful planning. It’s easier to run a pet business because you don’t have to work and you have more time to take care of them.

5. Investing in Franchise

You can invest your money in a stock exchange that has its own business and business; This means they will do most of the abusiness promotion. Believe me, franchise investment is another profitable business idea for retirees that you can start in Nigeria.

6. Independent Contractor

Nowadays, everyone wants to buy clothes from Amazon instead of going to the store. If you’re good at selling online and have a unique product, consider becoming an independent contractor for Amazon or other sellers. There will be six handicrafts from local artists.

7. Etsy Shop

Opening an Etsy store is another profitable business idea you can start in Nigeria that is on my list for retirees. Etsy is an online marketplace that allows artists to sell handmade items, such as jewelry or clothing, directly to customers using their laptops, without the need to sell inventory.

8. Freelance Writing

Writing is one of the best ways to make money from home and it’s a lot of fun! You can follow your own schedule and do it at any time of the day or night that suits you. As an aspiring freelancer, you need to see these 16 reasons you should create a LinkedIn business page for your brand.

9. Affiliate Marketing

All you have to do is promote other people’s products on your website or blog. This is a great way to earn passive income while enjoying your retirement! Most people use two wheels as a means of transportation and they need someone to keep the wheels turning! All it takes is a few keys and some basic knowledge. The job also includes helping customers with tasks such as secure chat.

10. Leasing Assets

Rental Business is at the end of my list of useful business ideas for retirees to start in Nigeria. This is definitely a source of additional income. If you’ve kept some tools over the years, consider adding them. Experience or other news that interests you as a retiree. You’ve gained a lot of experience, now it’s time to use this knowledge to help others reach higher levels in their work and personal lives.

11. Professional Speaking

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you lose the ability to catch up with others and talk to the board. Professional Speaking have endless possibilities. You can market yourself as an expert in your industry, bring excitement and creativity to office outreach and consulting, or become a motivational speaker and engage multiple audiences at work, events, or meetings.

12. Day Care

Child care is an ongoing need for busy families. You can earn extra income by babysitting for friends, family and neighbors when necessary or by providing daily child care at home.

In most places, you do not need a license to run a babysitting service in your home if you have a certain number of children. With more and more working parents, in-home child care can be a great way to start a business and care for your child at home.

13. Researcher

As a retiree, you may take the risk of doing research because you have already read or heard so much. Scientists, especially geneticists, are currently in awe. This may be because people are becoming more rational these days, or because some politicians are searching for their own ancestors for a new class of voters, but in addition there are people who like to research other people’s genealogy.

14. School Transportation Officer

You must apply through the city or school board. Some searches and applications are online (for some cities, only in-person applications are accepted). Therefore, research shows that this study is not sufficient. This may happen in your area. So $10 an hour isn’t good for a few hours a day. You also love helping others, right? Helping children on crowded streets is a very rewarding job.

15. Pet Care

Despite the downturn in the economy, pet care still seems to have a chance to grow. Almost two-thirds of U.S. households have pets; Of these, approximately 73 million are dogs, 90 million are cats, and 16 million are birds, fish, hamsters and other pets.

Last year, 4,444 Americans spent approximately $47.7 billion on these products. Pet sitters are pet sitters who take care of pets in their homes when their parents are away at work, on vacation, or elsewhere.

16. Tours Guiding

If there is a place you like to go to often; Or, if there are tourists in your area, you can apply as a tour guide.

This is only a part-time job so you don’t need a paid tour operator. Be sure to be the tour guide to make this trip unforgettable. Check your background and create your own tour. You can also sell souvenirs to tourists.

17. Selling Homemade Foods

Cooking is fun. You can sell easily, especially if your price is competitive. But competition between sellers can be fierce. A good tip you can use is to find an office that sells food (maybe your old office). Talk to the HR team and sign a contract with them. You can make a profit by doing this.

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