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10 Very Best Email Marketing Platforms in 2024

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Being successful at email marketing is crucial to growing your business at any given time. That is why knowing how to choose the right email marketing platforms in a crowded market is very crucial. In this blog, we will share the best email marketing service providers, comparing them based on their features, capabilities, price, automation, and user experience.

What to consider in email marketing platforms

There are many tools on the market, each with unique features and functionality, to manage customer communications and increase sales via email. So which email marketing platform is best for you? Read on and you will find out.

If you’re looking for the best email marketing tool, here are seven things to keep in mind when evaluating them:

• Its convenience: Your email marketing tools should make your life easier. You shouldn’t be put off by a cumbersome user interface or learning curve. It should also have features that enable repetitive tasks, such as email scheduling.
• Good drag and drop editor: An email marketing tool should have a powerful drag-and-drop editor that allows you to quickly create emails without the need for coding. It also needs to have a planned process and structure.
• Automation function: Your email marketing solution should handle tasks like scheduling campaigns, email-based campaigns, and social media. Basically, it needs to have a powerful auto-generator.
• Good signup form: To start attracting new users, you need to be able to create a domain name. Simply using another data tool is not the best use of your time as time will be wasted in data collection/migration.
• Accuracy in deliverability: Your email business should be able to deliver your emails to your customers’ inboxes. Be sure to test delivery on several platforms before choosing one. Section
• Support payments: An email marketing campaign should be promoted through multiple tools (chat, email, and even phone calls). Because your business depends on it and all the time you spend solving problems may be wasted.
• Is it safe and reliable: Most business email services have security policies that require top-notch protection against hackers and data leaks. In the age of GDPR and strict data laws, your email marketing service must protect you from unnecessary penalties.

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Now, let’s explore the following email marketing platforms, from which you will find out the ones that suits your marketing campaigns and budget.

1. Mailchimp – Customer journey email marketing platform

Mailchimp is an excellent email marketing solution if you want to improve your customer journey. Automation builder helps you create various custom marketing campaigns.

Mailchimp offers landing pages and many templates to suit your business needs. Like other email marketing products on this list, you can create plans, text, and schedule emails to build your audience.

However, for business owners looking for a long-term solution, the cost of Mailchimp may be too high. Basic plans lack useful features like segmentation, payment for different features like add-ons, and unlimited limits (overdrafts).

Mailchimp main functions:

Mailchimp has all the standard features of email marketing. The most important features include:

• Drag and drop email builder
• Working landing pages
• Basic automation and segmentation capabilities
• Schedule appointments
• Business optimization

Mailchimp advantages and disadvantages:

By now you’ve heard a lot of different things about Mailchimp. Now let’s take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages:

• Intuitive landing page and email builder
• Predatory pricing model
• Make an appointment
• Low-level plans are limited
• Big library
• Limited customer support

Mailchimp’s free plan is only good for sending up to 1,000 emails per month to lists of up to 500 subscribers.

2. GetResponse – Best Email Marketing Tool

GetResponse is an all-in-one email marketing platform that provides email marketing, web design, and webinar creation capabilities in a single platform. It’s good for small businesses that want to solve different business problems (like cart abandonment campaigns) from a single platform rather than taking out multiple subscriptions.

Provides an easy way to create and send promotional, educational and personal email campaigns. You can create beautiful newsletters, autoresponders, and autoqueues. You can also create live and on-demand webinars, create cart abandonment campaigns, and use marketing automation for leads, inbound marketing, lead, and more. Chapter

GetResponse main functions:

GetResponse comes with all the basic email marketing features including an operator, drag-and-drop email builder, and more; for example:

• An easy-to-use email creator
• Email Marketing Automation
• Drag and drop builder for forms and landing pages
• Advanced Email List Segmentation
• Report and analysis

GetResponse advantages and disadvantages:

While providing effective email marketing is still GetResponse’s main goal, it does leave out less useful but still needed content.

• Fast support and easy-to-understand information and unique email design
• Detailed Analytics Dashboard Planning costs can become expensive as your business grows
• Segmentation and classification work saved in the normal user interface

GetResponse offers affordable pricing for people who don’t need much of email marketing.

3. Sender – Best Email Marketing Platform

Sender is an email and SMS marketing platform for e-commerce businesses looking to educate potential customers, build long-term relationships and increase revenue. Sender simplifies email and newsletter marketing with user-friendly email marketing tools like visual design, behavior management, and email builder.

Sender provides everything you need to create, execute and optimize email marketing from start to finish. With the email builder and free email templates, you can create emails in minutes – and the best part? You can do all this for free because there are no restrictions for users of the free plan.

There’s more. Mail has one of the fastest response times in the industry because human support is guaranteed whenever you get stuck. Therefore, you’ll spend less time learning about “stuff” and more time increasing your income.

If you run a store on Shopify, this is the best option for Shopify email marketing. Shopify integration saves you time when setting up return cart information and upsell/cross-sell campaigns.

Automate workflows based on visitor behavior and enjoy sending and executing simultaneous newsletters and email campaigns to increase in-store revenue.

With Email builder and free email templates you can create an email in minutes –and the best part? You can do it all for free!

Sender key functions:

Sender’s omnichannel platform integrates advanced marketing capabilities from email list management systems to marketing automation. You will definitely like the following features:

• Drag and drop editor for creating email marketing campaigns
• Pre-made and customizable templates
• Advanced subscription segmentation and analytics
• Email game
• Text messages
• Business Automation
• Lead capture tool

Sender advantages and disadvantages:

Sender is a reliable email service provider with many advantages (and a few disadvantages). Let’s go see them.

• Cheap price with free premium
• No landing page (work in progress)
• Powerful automatic campaign design with drag-and-drop
• Sender Logo in free version
• Incredible deliverability and strong support

Considering the cost of using business email? Here’s a quick look at how shipping costs might fit your budget, like a free plan that limits access to up to 2,500 customers.

4. Hubspot — Email marketing for large businesses

HubSpot is the largest email marketing platform serving your customers and prospects across the entire customer lifecycle. This email marketing app comes with a free CRM solution; This makes it ideal for large businesses that want to focus on customer relationships.

HubSpot has all the email marketing templates including drag and drop builder, navigation flow, and marketing automation. In addition to simple functionality, HubSpot comes with advanced features such as high-end functionality, customer integration in sales and marketing.

HubSpot is one of the email marketing platforms that are ideal for large companies that want a transparent exchange across different buyer levels.

Hubspot main functions:

HubSpot offers a variety of marketing automation, email marketing, inbound lead generation, and behavioral tools including the followings:

• Drag and drop email builder;
• Complex customization sequences and marketing automation capabilities;
• Free CRM solution to synchronize customer journeys for sales and marketing;
• A/B testing function.

Hubspot advantages and disadvantages:

HubSpot has become a household name due to its wide range of features. But managing everything this way is another story.

• Good list management and segmentation capabilities
• Too expensive
• Page and Business Automation Builder
• Lower limits
• Free CRM Deep Learning Curve

Hubspot is too expensive, which often prevents small businesses from switching to it.

5. SendX — Intuitive and Affordable Email Marketing Tool

SendX has one of the simplest user interfaces in the industry and offers unlimited email sending, powerful automation features, and the best email delivery with every plan. More than 3,000 companies worldwide trust SendX for email marketing.

SendX has nearly 50 original email templates that can be used for a variety of purposes such as holiday, newsletter, product promotion, advertising, e-commerce or online education. They also have one of the largest collections of email templates on the web with over 1,500 templates.

You can put your business on autopilot with SendX. Segment your customers based on demographics, customer behavior, and more than 25 other factors. You can increase your revenue with email marketing and planning to reach your target customers on time.

SendX main functions:

• Drag and drop design builder
• Automatic workflow
• A rich template library
• A/B testing
• Customer Support

SendX advantages and disadvantages:

SendX has great consumer features and is suitable for small businesses. However, its limitations may pose problems for users looking for advanced features in email marketing.

• User-friendly interface
• No free plan
• Cheap planning
• Restricted use
• write segmentation function
• User Manual

SendX offers competitive pricing plans and is a great option for budget users. There is no free plan, but there is a 14-day free trial (no credit card required, quick setup).

6. Constant Contact — Advanced A/B Testing and Reporting

Constant Contact has been on the market for 25 years and is the first choice of many business people and businesses. The platform shows all study data in a single dashboard.

Constant Contact has many features designed to improve your email marketing.

The platform comes with many useful email marketing features, a powerful ecommerce and website builder, advanced A/B testing and reporting, and existing marketing campaigns capability. Overall, Constant Contact is a great solution for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Constant Contact main functions:

Constant Contact has all the basic email marketing features you need, plus some great features for power users:

• Large library
• Business Automation Tools
• Advanced A/B testing and reporting
• Support multi-channel marketing across email, SMS and social media;
• e-Commerce and business operations

Constant Contact advantages and disadvantages:

Constant Contact feature shows that the company has been operating for a quarter of a century. However, some new values have been slow to be adopted.

• Advanced A/B Testing
• Expensive
• Unique e-commerce business activity
• Email delivery is suspicious
• Social Media Management and Marketing
• Basic email editor and limited template library

The price of Constant Contact does not strain your budget and is cheaper than other products.

7. Brevo – Best ecommerce email marketing platform

Brevo (formerly SendInBlue) is more than email marketing software. It is a multi-channel platform that interacts with customers via email, SMS, social media accounts and chat. The platform also has a powerful CRM to help you manage your pipeline.

Brevo email service’s simple, affordable and multi-channel approach suits everyone, starting with email marketing. It has the standard automation features you’d expect from an email marketing suite, but don’t expect it to work all the time.

Brevo key functions:

Brevo is one of the easiest email marketing programs available. But it’s so powerful it gives you everything in one package:

• Intuitive drag and drop builder
• Advanced CRM
• Support SMS campaigns and email marketing
• Dynamic personalization of project plans
• Advanced Segmentation
• Intelligent A/B testing capabilities

Brevo advantages and disadvantages:

Brevo offers advanced email marketing services but needs to catch up in some key areas.

• Advanced automated workflows including pre-market ecommerce automation
• Boring and repetitive
• User-friendly email editor with drag and drop interface
• Complex list management functionality
• Make email preview of scores and personals a breeze

Brevo is also one of the most affordable email marketing services.

8. DRIP – Best Email Marketing Software

Drip is a powerful email automation software designed to solve the email marketing problems of e-commerce store owners. You can use it to create automatic newsletters and/or promotional campaigns.

With Drip, you can customize your marketing plans according to your users and target your customers with personalized emails. Advanced segmentation options ensure you send the right message at the right time and never miss a conversion opportunity.

Drip even has a designer, drag-and-drop, and automation templates to get you started on your journey right away. The analytics dashboard is also very good.

However, Drip seems to be a little more expensive than other platforms on the list. Additionally, development tools are limited, making it difficult for businesses to continue using it.

Drip main functions:

Drip is ideal for ecommerce stores looking for advanced features for their email marketing campaigns. Major responsibilities include:

• Triggers behavioral automation
• Advanced Segmentation
• Ready-to-use automatic templates
• A/B line testing
• Integration with all major e-commerce platforms

Drip advantages and disadvantages:

Drip is useful for store owners who need advanced segmentation, but it also has its drawbacks. Here are some advantages and disadvantages:

• Advanced Customer Segmentation
• No suitable construction equipment
• User Experience and Journey Builder
• Expensive
• Detailed analysis
• Email content is not A/B tested

There is only one plan per user on Drip’s website. It has both free and paid plans, such as a 14-day free trial that users can use to review the platform and test different features.

9. EmailOctopus – Small Business Email Newsletter

EmailOctopus is the best email service for small businesses and provides all the necessary features to grow your email list and engage your target audience. An easy-to-use email editor allows you to create HTML, rich and plain text only.

This automation and segmentation tools allow users to create time-based autoresponders and drip campaigns and send customized messages to groups of customers. It also supports the introductory process so you can make new relationships more profitable through welcome email content. Chapter

Email Octopus main functions:

Email Octopus has all the standard features of an email marketing platform as well as some amazing features. These include:

• Create emails and automations using just drag and drop interface
• Ability to create custom HTML emails on both Free and Pro plans.
• Event-based automation to create custom opt-in sequences.

Email Octopus advantages and disadvantages

If your work calendar is bare, Email Octopus is worth exploring, but be aware that it will take significant time to master.

• Easy setup and simple user interface
• Limit reporting and analysis
• An easy way to integrate with Amazon SES to save the cost
• Confusing developers
• Excellent standards and customer support
• Limited integration

Of all the email marketing systems reviewed in this list, Email Octopus is the cheapest, but it has other costs as well.

10. Mailmodo — The best solution for email communication

Mailmodo is an AMP-powered email marketing tool known for survey emails, quizzes, and interactive emails. Create responsive and intuitive email campaigns that allow your customers to respond without having to click on external links.

Mailmodo is designed to provide a conversational email experience using AMP emails. Unlike traditional HTML emails, AMP emails allow users to interact with the email without leaving the window. For example, they can write letters, complete surveys, book meetings, and more via email.

Mailmodo helps you deliver a web browser experience to your email. So, if you are looking for an interactive solution for bloggers to add impact to your email marketing, trust me, I really want you to try this one.

MailModo main functions:

Mailmodo has many exciting features to help you create interactive emails. Some of its best features are:

• AMP email support
• Code-free drag-and-drop editor
• Advanced segmentation and filtering
• Marketing automation and email workflow builder

MailModo advantages and disadvantages:

• Email marketing services provide a low response rate.
• AMP email support list management features are complex
• Email Workflow Builder
• Mixed interface
• Customer service and support team
• Delivery problems (email landed in spam folder)

Mailmodo offers everything you need to create a great email marketing campaign at a great price.

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