11 Best Niches for Amazon Affiliate Marketing

best niches for Amazon affiliate

In this article, I will be providing a detailed guidance on how to select the best niches on Amazon affiliate program, and how to choose the best niches for Amazon affiliate marketing. It has to be something you are passionate about and can make money from.

Amazon Associates is the world’s largest affiliate marketer. More than 380,000 websites have currently signed up for their affiliate program; it is fierce competition for customers.

Fortunately, business people have many ways to make their businesses successful. The smartest strategy is to work in the best narrowed niche for Amazon affiliate marketing.

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Niches for Amazon Affiliate Marketing:

1. Research and identify

Do your research, identify potential niches, and choose the one that suits your interests, strengths, and the Amazon Associates Program offerings.

By combining the right niche with hard work and the best strategy, you can create a profitable Amazon affiliate marketing program for yourself. This is a non-negotiable factor in choosing the best niches for Amazon affiliate marketing.

2. Competition should be lower

To navigate through and find niches that are lower in competition, use research tools like UberSuggest, Ahrefs, and Semrush to determine the competition you’ll face in your specific niche. Search the topic to see who controls the search terms.

If this topic’s category is big money making companies, skip this area and find something else.

Kids Toys on Amazon is a good example. Children’s toys are one of Amazon’s best-selling products and a company with a market capitalization of 6 figures. They have the budget to manage their operations and competing with them as a small business will not give you any advantage in this area.

3. Interest must be high enough

Another important tip for choosing the best niches for Amazon affiliate marketing is that people must be interested in the said niche. It will amount to wasted time, money and energy if you choose a niche that only few people have interest in.

Starting small doesn’t mean people aren’t interested in what you sell. There are many very profitable niches that offer special deals on high-end products or services.

4. Evergreen or seasonal

In general, it is better for the business to enter the green area. You can enjoy a stable income throughout the year.

Seasonal niches have ups and downs depending on the time of year, and your income will also fluctuate.

• Evergreen: Search volumes for items and their content throughout the year.
• Fall Season: Search for items only due to seasonal holidays (such as Christmas items) or seasonal items (such as food items or models).

5. Should have high profit margin

Amazon Associates make a profit from sales, but the fees are all different from one another. Interest rates are higher in some niche markets than others.

However, it is important to consider the cost of the product. If you win 20% rake on a $50 game, you get $10. But if you get 5% off a $700 laptop, you’ll be left with $35 in your pocket.

6. Be passionate about the niche

As a general rule, choose a niche that interests you. Or at least it should be something you enjoy and want to expand your knowledge on. Remember, if you don’t enjoy your job, you can’t do put in your best into it. It will be difficult to keep up the momentum and your income will suffer.

Your target audience can also notice your lack of motivation in this area. They may be experts themselves and think your content lacks depth.

7. Narrow your niche to smaller module

The last on our list of tips for choosing the best niches for Amazon affiliate marketing narrowing your niche. As an entrepreneur or startup, the best way to find a profitable Amazon affiliate marketplace is to strive to be unique. You will see that there are common business niches and sub-niches or modules.

If you enter a large, oversaturated affiliate niche, you run the risk of being overrun by large companies with large marketing and advertising budgets.

Best Niches for Amazon Affiliate Marketing:

Now let’s look at some of the best niche ideas that fall into a narrow category. We choose this model based on the following factors:

• evergreen
• scope of various products
• best value
• thoughts
• high price

1. Golf Balls and Clubs

First on our list of best niches for Amazon affiliate marketing is golf balls and clubs. The golf balls and clubs section on Amazon is filled with high-quality equipment, toys, practice mats, and kits. There’s a wide range of pricing options and products that any golf enthusiast is sure to enjoy.

2. Hair accessories

You will agree with me that beauty and fashion stores and are widely available. But when you narrow it down to hair accessories, you have a target audience, and thousands of products with great potential.

3. Truck ladder racks

Another less competitive niche option is the truck ladder rack. One of the best thing about this niche is that the commission per unit of this product is high; the average price is between $150 and $200; with this, you stand a better chance of making good money.

4. Kayak canoe car racks

Get into the adventurous spirit of kayak canoe car racks and frames. Hundreds of these products are sold on Amazon regularly, but only a few sites and affiliate markers sell them.

5. Travel backpack or waist pack

The sale of travel items are saturated. But smaller accessories like fanny packs and dedicated backpacks are also ready to be collected.

6. Front door combination lock

Security is a must-have for everyone living on the earth, the need for good security cut across every aspect of human existence. The government, industries, schools, churches and many more, all need effective security of their doors. From old locks to new locks, this is the best place to save money.

7. Protein powder

Another product on our list of best niches for Amazon affiliate marketing is protein powder. The good thing about getting into the wellness space is that products like protein powder enjoys repeated purchase.

8. Woodworking tools

When others are introducing and marketing best power equipment, you can focus on logging equipment. Product prices range from low to high and there is a nice 3% affiliate commission on it.

9. Fishing magnets

Fishing magnets are among the best niches for Amazon affiliate marketing. Amazon has hundreds of the best fishing tackle sold, and all with great reviews and even better prices.

10. Dog collar and leash

It is a common knowledge that animal products sells almost every day; but smaller animal accessories like dog collars and leashes have a lot of room for improvement. As more and more cute products come onto the market, homeowners want to pamper their furry friends with these new smaller products.

11. Chromebook

Number 11, and last on our list of best niches for Amazon affiliate marketing is Chromebook. Trust me, Chromebooks have great value, it is just that they are less popular because most Amazon associates have moved over to high-end technology like laptops.

But many schools use cheaper Chromebooks, which are the best choice for business travelers. There’s no doubt that with a little marketing you can make money if you chose to promote Chromebooks.

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